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Anyone have any experience with Discount Tire and accessories. I'm getting ready to buy the M1 from them, and thier price is $100 cheaper than the dealer and the local shops here in Southern Oregon.
If you are talking about the one in Colorado, everyone here that I have talked to loves them. They have some really good prices on the net. I bought my new rear tire from them this summer. Their service was excelent.
Yes.....Good people and good prices.I have bought several tires from them and will buy more..Ask for the "P" rated sportec--same price but made for Busa speeds!! I love mine
I've bought two sets from them and have been happy although it did take a while to get the tires but that isn't so unusual.
art your right motorcycle specialties takes a while to get your stuff. i ordered a set of tires on the 5th but they wont be here till the 20th. they tell you it will be 10-15 WORKING days so at least you know you are in for a wait.
where were you when i ordered my tires puck, Parts 411 is even cheaper than motorcycle specialties. Thanks good to know. for my next set.

I checked the stock bt56 they were $194.24 for the set before shipping!
Very good company to do business with...... Most of the time there prices are very competitive! Not real fond of their online catalog though......
Hey guys I love the stock BT56's but they are getting hard to find. what is a comparable tire as far as grip. I do not race on the track but I love to tear up the twisties
Based on what I've been told they BT 56 is being phased out and replaced by the 010. However I'm not sure if their is an OEM specific model for the Busa yet, but since I'm searching for a new rear I'll let you know as soon as I know.
I have a new 010 on the rear and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I was getting ready to ban Bridgestone from my garage forever but now....maybe not. Real good handling tire thus far. Edge to edge, high speed seems to do the trick, better feel than the BT56...
I have been running the Bridgestone BT010, but will be changing over to the Pirelli Diablo's. I've heard good things about the Metzeler Sportec M-1 also.

Here is a list of prices from

Bridgestone BT10
190/50ZR17 - $118.82
120/70ZR17 - $79.33

Metzeler Sportec M-1
190/50ZR17 - $123.21
120/70ZR17 - $82.32

Pirelli Diablo
190/50ZR17 - $146.94
120/70ZR17 - $82.32

Very good prices on tires...
Watch out on the M1's for awhile, they are having a recall..


As far as tires go for my preference..

I changed to Avon Azaro, new VBD design.
I have 3800 miles on them and they are like new.
Don't think I ride like a wuss, ask anyone at the Gap in Sept, i was railing like a Mofo, and that 200 was screaming MORE DADDY MORE!!!!

4 burnouts on the street   :mad: unintentional..
tires got cold setting inline for a race, didn't properly warm them before lining up.

warm up time is minimal, wear is excellent IMHO, and traction.. well that is where they show their VBD was a great thing indeed.

I have run the most common tires out there, and I tell you, these are it for me, till something else comes along, that gets me off like these.

Oh and before you freek about the rear being a 200, and say it won't flick like the 190.. relax, and be informed, it does, and Deal's Gap proved it.
the rear Busa Stock tire measured a true 198, so do these Azaro 200's.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, Thank you Cookie for turning me on to them this summer.
And yes they handle HP including 400+ turbo bikes, just ask PhantomBusa, on, and a few others.


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Even after 2 years of riding through some real twisties like the roads through the Appalacian trail on our way to Canada. I have to say I am still getting used to the way the Busa handles. I wish I had road a bigger bike than the Busa for a while like a Katana or something. I had an FZ600 GSXR 750 and a 89 GSXR 1100 allof which where more flickable and stable I thought in the corners. I love to drag my pegs and knees and ride hard. But on the Busa I have not gotten that comfortable. I am not sure if some of it is old age (33) or the Busa isnt setup right for me or tires or what exactly it is. I am going to try lifting the back 2 inches with lifting dogbones. and maybe see if I can find someone at the local racetrack to help me with front suspension settings. It feels Lazy in the corners like its heavy and although I havent even come close to getting the backend to break it feels like the suspension maybe to soft. I dont think I am getting as much feedback as I was on the 1100. I love the bike dont get me wrong and I know its not a true road racer but I am just looking to make it alittle better