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well i guess its time to join the cyberage and buy a digital camera and since some of you must have em maybe give some advice. i dont know crap about pixeis and gigs and the whole thing sounds like more than i want to deal with but mama wants one and maybe i could finally show some pics of my baby (the bike i mean). i dont need the best but at least something that can take moving pics. and what else other than the camera do i need?
For a general purpose, easy to use digital camera that gives EXCELLENT photos right out of the camera I'd say that the Canon S400 digital elph would be a great choice. It makes nice sharp pictures with good color balance and the best flash performance of any point & shoot I've used. You'd need a fairly large memory card if you planned on shooting lots of pics before uploading to the computer. You'd also need some sort of photo editing software to resize and crop your photos before putting them on the web.

Other than that, the S400 is a heck of a package for digital snap shots. I've got one but I dropped it and it won't work. Gotta send it in for repairs...
Got an HP 320. Use it on the lowest res almost all the time. Cheap camera $150. Does well except...
The lens is offset to the side of the camera & is fingerprinted all the time. No lens cap or cover.
OK My .02 Get a Nikon or a Cannon. Don't get all wrapped around megapixels, more doesn't neccessarily mean you are going to get better pictures (there limits here of course) look for something between 3-5Megapixels. For the casual photographer it will be all you need. If you wan tto be able to take good quality life like images but you do not need all the bells and whistles? Get the Canon S400 digital Elph. They are durable, pocketable, and take really photo lookin photo's.

Avoid Sony, their pictures LOOK digital still!

You will want something with rechargable batteries, or buy them seperately, I recommend three sets. Also get at least a couple 128 Meg or a single 256meg Flashcard or whatever format media fits the camera. Oh and get a USB or USB2 Card reader for your PC. It makes downloading a cinch and you do not have to mess with a bunch of Camera Software or other BS, just plug and play...
I like my Olympus take it with me on most road trips... small plus lots of features and 3.5 megapix was around $300 loads pics quick with windows xp.
I am with SilveR on this one... Although I don't agree about the Sony (which I have). But, 3.3 megapixels is the lowest you will wanna go.

Buy something from a brand well known in the photography business like Kodak, Nikon, Canon or Olympus... HP, Epson, Mustek, Sony are not the best choices.
I am with SilveR on this one...  Although I don't agree about the Sony (which I have).  But, 3.3 megapixels is the lowest you will wanna go.

Sony has apparently made some progress as far as the digital look is concerned but I can never get a Sony photo sharp enough for my tastes. I guess I'm just spoiled to Canon. :cool:
Bought a Sony today and have used them in the past without trouble.
I have a HP 812. It can take video clips and has a good zoom lens.