Different color gauges on GEN II


Has anyone changed their Speedo/Tach gauges yet?
Or changed the bulbs for a different display?

I'm interested to see how it turned out
Blueguages did mine.

White leds look reallygood too.
I think org member InfinateReality has/had them on his gen2.

Done by me with a fifth of scotch and a soldering iron. The SM-LED under the redline portion of the tach is still the stock orange one so it looks quite red as opposed to the rest of the gauges now being green.
I tried to find the 220 mph gauges for my Gen II and had no luck. I like the Orange.
You should be able to find someone that will make you 220 gage faces or has them in stock. I would love them, but just don't mess with stuff that works. Waiting to see how much it cost you. I get a lot of wows when people bend in and look at the 180, I can't imagine the reaction you would get to 220's :laugh:
Hey Man! Yea, I'm going to start looking for the 220 gauges for the 09'. I have them for my 02' Turbo. I got them through Indiglo. If I find any, You'll be the first to know...:thumbsup:
You Know, You would think that with All the Mods available for the Hayabusa, Someone would be making the 220 mph. gauges for the Gen. II. WTF??? I'm still searching!!!!:pullhair: