Difference between older/newer Busa.


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I have a question for you guys. As far as stock bikes go waht is the real street performance diff between say a 2006 busa and a 2008 busa?

Provided both riders are equally good that is. Does the latest really outshine the older one and if so how so?

What if both employed a turbo?



the gen 2 is just a tad more refined....once you slap a turbo on it and build the tranny...add braided steel brake lines and pads and better fluid and walla. R&D built the tranny in my bike and it shifts like butter. Majority of turbo guys like the gen1 due to the fact there are quite a bit of gen1 turbos out there and I believe the pistons use larger wrist pins...After its all said and done once you start with the turbos its gonna be who has the best kit for what you are trying to achieve
**RCC for street/track/landspeed in my opinion the best overall manufactured turbo kits and customer service
**NLR if you have crazy big $$ sebastian could prob build and tune your bike to run in outerspace


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What I notice the most between the Gen II and Gen I is that the Gen II has smoother throttle response and better braking. I also like the ergonomics of the Gen II better.

I miss the idle controller and the fuel monitor but I'd never go back to a Gen I.

Just my opinion.


Aesthetics aside the Gen 2 has over 20 more hp, an amount people pay $$$ to get to on a Gen 1. Better brakes, more displacement, better handling (stock for stock) Every time I pull up to my buddys gen1, I expect to win, except when caught slipping at the light.


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The handling on the Gen2 is much better. Riding the Dragon I was much more comfortable in hanging off the bike than with my 05 which also made me faster :)

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