Diesel busa?


Hi all,

I have noticed a  strange phenomenon on my busa: the cam chain noise is quite noticeable (and annoying) but here is the funny thing; as would be expected once the engine is hot the noise changes character somewhat but in my case is still present , But when I stop off at the shops for a while and then get back on the thing sometime latter it sounds like a completely different animal, much quieter, but only for a while or the rest of that trip.

What's going on here? This quiet moment is not always repeatable too.

I'm thinking of installing a manual tensioner which is said to cure the typical GSXR "diesel" sound. Has  anyone here installed one? and how to gauge the correct tension?

PS I have a hydraulic one there now and is Ok (according to mech)

yes I know,

the bike (99) got the upgrade to a hydraulic onem, which I hear is shite on the GSXR range anyhow. The rattling is only apparent at low to idle speed.

has anyone installed a manual one?