Did this mirror mod.


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I did this mod in five minutes and it gives me almost 90% view now in my mirrors. What a difference.


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Just wanted to share my first mod with you all on the lady. Next week my Helibars will arive and today I am going to pick up some of that Wilson tennis racket handle wrap foam to try on my grips for vibration. Will let you know how that goes.

Should I do the pegs to lower them? Who has done that and liked it?


They are nice aren't they. I got a set a few weeks ago, and the mirrors are now actually usable.
Yeah, I either look between my arm and body or just turn my head around and see whats going on. I don't trust what the mirrors are telling me anyway so other than hanging my helmet on em' don't really have much use. Oh and checking to see how bad the helmet hair is...

I just prefer to see for myself I guess.
Just bought a set from that link. Thanks!

I hope they give a much better view like you guys say. I have yet to find any sport bikes with usable mirrors. I won't use them for lane changing.. but it's nice to see what's behind you in case it's not gonna stop in time or something.

I'll let you guys know how I like them!
I just "flap" my elbows outward and look into them. I wish I had those mirrors that show OBJECTS CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR............. I stuck tiny 3/4 inch round convex mirrors in the left corner. Works great, $.79 cents.

I got the mirror spacers also. Great mod. I can see behind me without tucking elbow. Really comes in handy with riding in a group, and making sure your buddies don't get too far behind me. Also, you can get another inch of leg-room with the TL1000R footpegs. They match the rear foot-pegs. Will cost you about $40.
Heck I don't know what the big deal is My helmet hangs just fine on my mirror. Don 't need no stinkin spacers!
MAn I just put the spacers on a couple of weeks ago and it is a great mod... And i feel alot better (safer) with them on. Wise first mod.