did the drags

rob t

went 3 times did 11.00 at 135 had a 2.2 second 60 ft lol

yes your right it is .was there last saturday .gonna go one more time this year fun stuff even though i cant launch it !!do you mind me asking what times you ran?
Glad you had a good time rob.
Don't sweat the times.
They will get better.

They GOTTA!! :bounce:

Keep it up, and have fun! :thumbsup:
I ain't gonna joke about your x's...But they did suck...However mine are not much better...You'll return more than once before the season is over...
my times were just about the same as yours, but i only took 2 runs, and the first was just shakedown run, and the second i bogged bad, i hate spending all day there just to get 2 runs, thats why i am renting the track later this month, will cost about 60 to 85 bucks, but you'll get in up to 40 runs, i'll post the date here when i have it exactly
I am going to the track this weekend. Just wondering what you used for a kill switch? Does your track require a tether? Mine does and i need to get 1.
funny story with hte kill switch, i bough tone, and was going to install it at the track, we had a full race trailer and set up, and i was 60 miles into the trip up when i realized i had forgotten it, so i went up anyway and hoped somone up there would have one i could use. well we took a small threaded eylet, heated ip up red hit with a torch, and pressed it into the bottom of the on/off switch and held it while it cooled, hooked up a lanyard to it, and there you have it, pull on it, and the switch flips up, and off the bike goes
drilled asmall hole in red on off and glued eyehook .teather is my wifes slot machine card string (freeegin casino was good for something)
it's funny were were there at the sam etime, i have the same bike colors and all, bone stock too