Did the busa stampede happen this year

Rubb dont facebook, twiter or anything. To much internet will rot yer brain...:poke:

I dont know where people find the time...maybe they "do it" at work. :whistle:


I was wondering the same about you posting on the org.. :whistle:

yep, just happened last week as a matter of fact, if ya go to busastampede.com there is the info on the event.
Just ended ......... I think I counted 14 bikes in one post. Have not seen the normal amount of pix.
Yep flew down this year to see all my friends for the weekend, Busa stayed home unfortuneatly but still had a great time. Think there was 21 Busas that attended this year. Next year plan on bringing Busa and being there for entire event.
interesting...thought scar had a larger turn out than that every year...makes me feel not as bad that only 11 showed for HIH
I had a great time. On Tuesday the 23rd 7 of us left Reno at 0615 and rode to the coast and back WHEW !! Got back around 11pm......749 miles !! Hy 36 is one of the sickest roads ever.... pretty much twisty's for 137 miles...That's from Redbluff to the coast. Then 99 South to Hy 70 east....another great road.
Thanks Scar.
Ps meeting the Stampede gang was Awesome. Another thing there was a guy who did not ride with us very much...but on the VC truck Route he was Smoking his knee puck.
I haven't attended Rubb, It will have to be a well planned trip, probably close to 2600 miles for me one way. It seems to be well organized.