Did it. ordered a joe rocket phoenix jacket.


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I know. You guys are saying so f**king what. But, if you live in Texas, it's like saying I ordered a blanket to wrap myself in to ride in 100 degree heat.

I read one review (of many) that said that it might not be half as much protection as leather, but it was 1000 times better than a T shirt. And T shirts are what I was wearing.

So, we'll see how close the size specified is to what I need. I may need to make 3 exchanges.

As far as boots, I am out of luck. They don't make anything but plain leather boots in 14 EEE sizes. So, I wear the toughest leather boots I can find.

My next purchase is Draggin jeans with Kevlar. Wearing leather pants here is strictly for people with kinky sexual preferences.

I can't ride till the end of September due to back surgery, but I've at least bought something that might save some skin.
ordered one today also. far as size xl is about the same fit as a 48 avg leather. tight but not to tight, so it don`t flap in the wind.
Your smarts are standing up. j/k
I wear a 13EEE boot. Go to http://www.newenough.com/ and look at the Oxtar boots. I was very surprised to find a boot that fit my dogs. I have the JR phoenix pants, they make riding in the heat bearable. take care.
Wore mine all day today, mid 90s and it worked well.  As it gets hotter you can loosen the sleeve snaps for higher ventilation and when its really hot you can soak down underneath and for the next half hour or so as the wind rushes thru to the wet t shirt, the temps stay waay down.

I also wear these in a 13 but they also come in a 14. Great boots.


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you should get the matching pants. you can wear shorts under or go comando. and be safe at the same time. it`s like rideing in your underwhere
I have a white JR Phoenix 4.0 and just ordered a black one. I have the Draggin Jeans too. They're nice....I haven't ridden in them yet but I like the quality.
I have the JR Rio mesh jacket and love it, the wind literally blows right through it and is comfortable as wearing the t shirt underneath it! I would recommend it fit tightly, the sole purpose of the mesh in a crash is to keep the padded part over your anatomy long enough for you to stop sliding. I wear textile pants (First Gear Fuel) and they have a 10" zipper that zips to the jacket in back to help hold it in place.
I think even in Texas you could get away with black textile or mesh pants, ask some board members who have left the bike and they'll tell you jeans last about 5 milliseconds before asphalt starts ripping your skin off. I'll take any number of "steers and queers" comments before I subject myself to that.
I have the Phoenix 4.0 jacket, and so does my son. Mid 90's with humidity here in Houston. Very comfortable unless you get stuck in massive amounts of traffic.