Did I do the right thing?

Make a long story short I had a 01 GSXR1000 that I had about $18k in get stolen in Daytona at bike week. I loved that bike. I race an SV650 so I thought a twin would be great for the street so I bought an 02 RC51. Wrong, the RC handles great but it rides like poop so last night I traded the RC for a Busa after only having the RC for about 2 months. I only road it home(about 12 Miles) but how is this thing 2 up for long distances? How about when the road gets twisty? It has plenty of power and almost pulls as hard as my 1k did and I think it will be a great bike. Also the dealer where I traded said he had some sort of plug in for $75 bucks that smooths it out down lown and takes the limiter off in high gear is this correct? Thanks for any help

It's an 01 if this makes a difference?


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Welcome to our site, lots of good questions........ First, don't waste your money on the $75 converter (you can buy/build one alot cheaper). Next, two-up riding. You can change the seats for a more comfy ride, however some like things just the way they are. Finally, not a bad bike for the twisty roads. Just not the best, kind of a compromise! Plenty of power and with a few personel choice mods should keep you happy for a very long time.............
First of all, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!! As for two up its great other than the feel of someone on your back you want really notice there's anyone on back.... If you significant other has long legs i recommend getting a corbin rear seat its more comfortable and raises the back seat up about 3-4 inches, giving the pillion more legroom and a more secure and comfortable seat.

A for the bike...what can I say you just made the BEST motorcycling decision of your life....you're gonna love it.
Thanks for all the quick input. I'm looking forward to getting off work so I can take it out for a real ride. Anyone have a link for making the converter. Guess I should jump right in with the mods!!!



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The bottom line is you can make the Busa just about anything you want. 2 up touring bam!! racer bam!! bam!! jet Binbgo!! You can so so much to the bike it will do what you want in many combinations.


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Just keep in mind that the Busa does weigh a bit more then the GSXR 1000 and RC 51. Take it easy for a while to get a true feel for it and then there will be no doubt that you made the right decision.


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hey does that article hold true for newish 2003 models also? i don't notice any hesitation around 3000. i don't care aobut top end but unleashing purchased low end would be nice

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Welcome to the board!! Buy a shirt!

You'll love the 'Busa, like the guys said, you can cruise it solo, ride two up, drag knees through the canyons, or blast down the drag strip, all in the same day!
to the board!

Two-up is fantastic... My wife likes it bigtime. And, she always talks about how comfy she is back there.

Congratz on the busa... By saying that it almost pulls like your Gixxer, I assume you are talking about tricked-out power or sumtin'.
Went for a ride after work last night for the first time. The Busa is the best bike I have ridden by far. I doesn't do any perfect except accelerate, but it does do everything quite well. I think I'll be happy far a long time to come. My sponsor is a Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda,Harley dealer and I have ridden many of these bike's, My sponsor last year was a Kawasaki dealer and the ZX-12 didn't have poop on this bike.
The 12 is a great bike It handles really well but it didn't have the feal of the Busa or the look's....damn the 12 is ugly!!!!
ks-waterbug Posted on June 04 2003,4:42
Just one of many...........


Just wanted to say.....save your $75.....I did the TRE modification today on my '03 that is described here and all I can say is...WOW! I couldn't believe the difference. Even feels much safer going through corners....and it only cost me about nine dollars because I also installed the switch. Thanks a million 'Waterbug'. Can't beat improvements like that for such little money. Rocket On!


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What exactly will will this TRE MOD do to lower end stuff? Describe the changes you feel. Will it void warrenty? Does it eat more gas or require retuning?
First off...I used the 6800 ohm resistor....if I understand correctly, it fools the busa into thinking it's in 5th gear. That takes the speed limiter off that is used in 6th. Also, it takes the timing retard off the lower gears. To me, thats the big plus. Now, going around corners, there is no split-second hesitation.....the throttle is much smoother and responsive. No instant surge. No additional changes need to be made as far as timing or re-mapping,etc. As far as voiding the warrenty,well.......I can only assume so. And I haven't checked my on-board reading for gas milage yet.

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