Did a few mods this weekend


Started off with carbon fiber aero mirrors and windscreen from Majical Racing in Japan. Great stuff ,expensive but I love C/F and worth it. Then while I had it apart I installed my indiglo guages and digital gear indicator. Finally I ripped out the front fender and replaced it with a Sebimoto one . Word to the wise ,if you think swapping the stock fender for C/F will save weight,save your money . Its very close to equal. I did it cause I had a small scratch in my stock fender and I used that as an excuse to get the C/F unit. Here are the pictures ! Enjoy !

Excellent. The CF really goes well with the black. The CF around the windscreen base is a nice touch. Have you thought about adding clear signals?

When I find a manufacturer that makes quality units I'll do it in a heartbeat.Till then the stocker will stay. I have a clear rear lense that I would love to match up.
cool mods...I like the windscreen...I'm not a big fan of the carbon fender though without anything to match it.

if there was a rear fender like on a hog or something to match I may like em more.
Bigfoot, can we get a side view of the bike with the new stuff on it?
looks awesome, Love those side mirrors where did you purchase them.
What'cha gonna do with your bummed up stock front fender? I never got any of the others that I thought I was getting from board members. Still looking for fenders and humps for the right price to do some custom paint and graphics experimentation...

Let me know...
Train you can have it to play with . Tell me where to send it. Arey I got the mirrors and windscreen from Majical racing in Japan. You can find them in any search engine. The C/F in the windscreen doesnt impact vision at all and the view of the guages or me is as good as was with my double bubble. I used the Acumen DG8 indicater and still have to properly program it. I got distracted during the 4 5 and 6th gears and it only works correctly now in N 1 2 and 3 . BigBS  I'll get a side shot for you during the week. Thanks all for the compliments everyone !

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