Diamond powersports?


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Seen them before. They are kind of cool looking, but I need my mirrors. Too many people out there trying to run us over as it is.
I would like to see them coming.
Yeah I agree, But I was thinking they might be handy for track days/ Friday Saturday Drags...
But if I take off my mirrors I'll never see the other guy! [/QUOTE]
Your on a busa you won't be seeing much of anyone with just a twist of the throttle
After my bike was pushed over by a guy in a car my left mirror was broken off. I hated not having a mirror to check my six every now and then. On the other hand also thought that side looked very slick with no mirror so it was a catch 22 situation. The situation was solved though when I found out that Alabama requires at least one mirror on a bike so problem solved and I got the new mirror today since the Busa looks real stupid with only one. Moral of this drawn out story is...check your local laws first since you never know.