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Ok, today I went for my first real ride since the Brock Hindle install. You all saw how excited I was after just hearing it, right? :super: Well, now I'm even MORE excited!!!

I rolled easy on her for a few miles to get the tires warmed and clean and to get a feel for the Brock map. I made a few medium fisted twists as I went through the gears just to hear the pipe down low. The deep, throaty growls absolutely sent chills up my spine! I had goose bumps as big as dimes!!! On I roll, just waiting for a clear section of road... The goose bumps go away as I just cruise.

I hit a familiar S-curve that has a long straight away on the other end. After carving the S, I get ready for a short blast. I don't want to get too carried away on this road. Too many State Troopers come through this road. I slow to entry speed and get 'er leaned over. sweep right, flick back over and sweep left and I'm ready for the straight. Goose bumps come back about halfway through the S in anticipation of what I'm about to feel and hear.

As I round the corner, still leaned over I start my roll on and begin to stand her back up. As the bike goes full vertical I reach full throttle and hold it until I shift. Sweet Jesus!!! I'm laughing out loud inside my helmet and wanting more, more, MORE! But I back off and wait for a better place to get my fix. A few more miles and a few more curves roll by and I'm just enjoying the weather, the busa, and life in general. It just doesn't get much better than this!

Coming up on a road that I know has low traffic and hardly EVER gets patrolled by anyone with radar. I hang a right onto this sweet stretch of blacktop and roll through the gears. A few easy sweepers and I'm there. A 3/4 mile straight with no driveways and no traffic in site. It's ON!!!!!! I drop down a couple gears and roll on it hard.

It quickly becomes obvious that the new exhaust really does make power! I've done lots of mods to cars and got horsepower and ET gains but couldn't really feel anything different. The Brock Hindle makes it's presence known not only through a sound that must be what angels sound like when they sing (well, in my heaven anywayz :D ) but also by making it a bit more challenging to hold onto the busa at full tilt.

I got up to, ummmmm, well... FAST, in a big hurry. In fact, it happened before I realized it. While the busa was down for the exhaust install I also put a Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen on it. With the airflow going mostly over me now instead of hittiing me in the sholders and head it was like taking off a parking brake and letting the busa ROLL! I love the ZG DB! Anyway, back to the ride. We haven't caught up to the Devil yet.

I make a big circle around my community and hit a long right sweeper with a long downhill straight on the other end. I carve the sweeper and start my roll on. Then, as I'm about to roll on hard and hammer out of the exit, my heart comes up in my throat! As I'm exiting the corner and start to crest the small hill that starts the straight I see a vehicle coming up the hill. The first part of the vehicle I see is the BLUE LIGHT BAR! GULP!!!

Luckily I hadn't rolled on too hard yet so I roll off and scrub speed. By the time I could see his windshield, which means he could see me, I had actually slowed to just under the limit. Whew!!! Too close!!! If I had been two seconds earlier I would have been HAULIN' at the bottom when I met him.

My nerve was shot momentarily so I just held the limit until I got off of that road. I take a short piece of road that has a great S in it and hit that fairly hard, then back off again. I come to an intersection and hang a left to head home. Got some things I need to get done today. As I make the left I just happen to look down and see that the odometer reads... GET THIS!

<span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>666</span></span>  :devil:

The Devil himself was now riding my busa. Or, was it me just pretending to be the Devil? Hmmm... Regardless, what happened next was totally unexcepted and still a little unbelieveable. I had no plans to do such a thing and frankly have been a little afraid to do anything like this. I won't say where I was when this happened but I can say that I NEVER would have gone there to try a wheelie for fear of losing my job.

As if I were possessed by some hell raising demon I brought the revs up between 6-7k and snapped it wide fuggin' open! She came up and I DONE MY FIRST REAL SPORTBIKE WHEELIE!!! Not a power wheelie where the tire floats and eases back down, mind you. We're talkin' some AIR under that baby!!! I didn't try to balance it long and push my luck, I just eased it back down by easing up on the throttle enough to start her down and then rolling back on as it came down to soften the landing. It was So freakin' SCHAAAWEEEEEEEET!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I have to say that I've sort of tried to wheelie her by doing this before but never got air. I was warned by folks with full exhuasts that the extra HP would make the bike wheelie easier and that I needed to be careful. I listened and was careful on my hard roll ons but I honestly thought my fat azz was big enough to hold down the busa with nothing more than exhaust done. I have to say that she lifted off effortlessly with my big butt in the saddle! Another sign that the Brock Hindle is really making some power compared to stock!

I laughed and grinned like a retarded monkey all the way home after the wheelie. That's absolutely the most fun I've ever had with clothes on! I still have goose bumps on my arms as I type this!

I guess I should go ahead and apologize to those who are trying not to spend on mods right now. I know hearing riding stories like this after mods must make it HELL on ya. I'm sorry to rub it in, I just can't stand not sharing experiences like this with my friends here!

Did I mention that I love my busa and my Brock Hindle exhaust? :super:  :bounce:

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Great story, BT. I can't wait to get some of those mods done. Heck, I can't wait to be able to ride since the weather isn't cooperating lately.
Great story Bullet.  The wheelies do the same to me. Almost better than sex .:D
Thanks. I still can't believe I done it! It was like I actually done it without thinking about it at all. Like it just came natural. I've been a little scared to wheelie since I hadn't done it on a sport bike before, only on dirt bikes. I think it was smoother on the busa than on any other bike I've ever done it on. :D
Great story, BT.  I can't wait to get some of those mods done.  Heck, I can't wait to be able to ride since the weather isn't cooperating lately.
Thanks BigBS. The weather here today is perfect for riding. I wish I didn't have a bull dozer borrowed to clear some of my land today. I'd have stayed out on the busa all afternoon! Maybe it'll be just as nice tomorrow. I should have the land cleared by this evening and nothing else on my plate for tomorrow. I can't wait! Might hit Cheaha Mtn...
One thing I forgot to mention. When I wheelied I was behind this red Stang GT. The girl driving it couldn't take her eyes off the mirror after the wheelie. It was like she was waiting for me to do it again. :laugh:
I bet that wasn't all she was waiting for! 'Gotta love the 'Busa!
You are a great story teller... Had me on the edge of my seat waitin' to hear what was next!!! I love your posts!! (well, most of em' anyways..) Happy for you and your new exhaust!! Isn't life with the Busa just lovely?:super:

Lo :bounce:
Sounds like your havin some great fun BT. Now that I am back hopefully the weather will stay nice for a bit so I can get some riding in. Enjoy!
I laughed and grinned like a retarded monkey all the way home after the wheelie.[/QUOTE]

Isn't that a great feeling? Great story Bullet. I enjoyed it... :beerchug:
You are a great story teller...  Had me on the edge of my seat waitin' to hear what was next!!!  I love your posts!! (well, most of em' anyways..)  Happy for you and your new exhaust!!  Isn't life with the Busa just lovely?:super:

Lo   :bounce:
Thanks Lo! Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, life with the busa is grand. I knew I'd enjoy my busa when I got it but I had no idea it'd be this awesome.
Sounds like your havin some great fun BT.  Now that I am back hopefully the weather will stay nice for a bit so I can get some riding in.  Enjoy!
I'm having more fun than I imagined possible when I was looking to buy a bike. Hope you get a break in the weather and get to ride! :D
"The Devil made me do it." I used that excuse all the time, until the Devil starting charging me usage fees.