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Fellas and lady I just wanted to share an experience with everyone cause when its this good you dont want to keep it to yourself...Over the last oh 5 years I noticed that my hearing has deteriorated a great deal. even got a hearing aid. Couldnt afford 2 at the bargain price of $1500 each. Anyways I was feeling a lot of pressure on my ears. The long and short of it is that after seeing 2 ENT doctors i discovered a had a deviated septum and every one of the sinus cavities were full and not draining.
So whats a tigger to do...? Get drilled on before I dont get to keep my insurance period...... I had the surgery on Thursday and I have to tell you that I am experiencing the worst pain in my life. Even when I had neck surgery it wasnt this bad and I was off work for 3 months on that.
This is flat out torture. Ive slept about 2hours since Thursday. The doctor prescribed me 5/350 Vicodin for the pain. I chewed those like they were peanut m&m's. A bottle in 36hrs .. not good but i was dying. so I called him up and he upped it to 10/350. we will see.. never responded well to vicodin anyways though....
My point other than Im bored is that if you find that you have this problem and surgery is an option for you then please by all means make sure that whatever benefit you get out of it is worth the pain you will endure. For me I hope the answer is yes but the jury is still out on it until I heal up. Im not a pansy i dont think but on a scale of 1 through suck this sucker flew past suck at hayabusa
please say a prayer .... not for me but for my wife who I lovingly call nurse ratchet... but she means well. And she is taking care of me. I hope I dont run her off...
Yikes, none of this sounds like fun at all :(

I hope the new med helps alleviate the pain, but more importantly I sure hope the surgery fixes the problem...does this also potentially mean you don't have the hearing loss you thought you had? I sure hope that's the case...

Keep us posted...I'm on vicodin right now for my sciatica that decided to ruin my weekend starting never really helps me either :(

Heal quickly!!

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I feel your pain brother!!!! I had a deviated septum and underwent the procedure as well..... Terrible terrible recovery, hang in there. It gets better quickly and I swear it's worth the trouble. I can finally breathe now, one nostril was completely blocked off for most of my life and i never knew. Here's to a speedy recovery!!
I had all kinds of polyps removed from my sinus cavities and a deviated septum worked on years ago. The surgeon told me it would be temporary. Lasted about six years. Best of luck with what you had done and hope you get to feeling better soon.
Been there - done that too... recovery was not as painful as you describe but it took a month before I felt normal again.

The good news - it was the BEST procedure I could have had. After 30+ years of problems breathing, asthma, snoring, allergies... it all went away and I rarely get sick anymore. I know others who didn't have as good a result as I did but it made a huge difference in my quality of life.

So, here's hoping you recover and have an excellent outcome!
you know god only knows how long i have had this problem. ive never been in a situation were i took a hit to my nose except a bloody nose in a fight when i was in elementary school. ive had a snoring problem for years and terrible time sleeping. used to get bronchitis every year till i started getting the flu shot. got asthma problems as well. I think and this is just me, but i think that when everything settles down and recovers i should have better hearing because the pressure will be relieved and things wont b so muffled. I still have tinnitus and hearing loss but at least it wont, i hope, be aggravated by this anymore. I mean if this surgery half way effects the things i listed above then i know it will be worth it.
Easy on the meds please.
You've developed a tolerance and now are taking the 10s in place of the 5s and are most likely not even getting the relief the 5s intially gave you.
Try some Tramadol. This is strongest non narcotic pain reliever he can give you. I bet it will work better than the 10/325s.
Either way I wish you luck on the recovery and hope it all goes well.
Been there done that. The problem for you is that, if your sinus's were full when they drilled you, they were under pressure.

If you are eating or have a queasy stomach, don't read the following....

When I had mine done, the Surgeon said that crud (blood and puss) exploded out of my head when he did it.

Still, one of the better things I did to help myself. Cut my sinus infections by a factor of 10. I used to get 20 a year - I now get maybe one...
I'd never heard about this as well, like voodoolord said seems quite common.
Hope you start feeling better soon.
To understate it: OUCH!

Sending white light your way for the fastest recovery, the least pain and the best outcome!

Gotta do eveyrthing ya can for your health. It's our most valuable asset! If ya doubt that, try livin' without it! ;)

Best of luck!
you may be right blanca .. i have had tramadol before. i will see him tomorrow and they are going to take the stints out. Things should feel much better after that. To be honest I hate with a passion taking pain meds. especially vicodin. it doesnt work that great and i cant poop for hate getting doped up. dont like not being in control. oh well.
hope you get to feeling better soon. Your problem is actually quite common. I see it all the time at the hospital. The ent guys are good at what they do. Head trama of any kind always seems to hurt more then anything else.
my brither in law went through the same thing and said it was the worst pain he has ever felt also. a couple weeks later he was feeling pretty good and life was good for a week till he sneezed...
best advice I can give on his behalf is don't sneeze..
good luck and speedy recovery