Detailing Ritual


Before every ride. Usually just spray detailer. Sometimes if it is extremely dirty wash with hose. Probably only once or twice.


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No ritual like every other ride. wheel are the worst


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I do it the same way every time.  Call me anal or supersticious, but I always do it in this order every time

Pressure wash
Blow dry


Another Home brewed detailing solution!

I was reading the other day on a Mustang Forum that I hit now and then and they were talking about using Peanut Butter(!) to salvage fading black trim on late model cars like the Mustang. Don't worry I didn't try the Peanut Butter. Anyway one guy suggested using Ketchup to polish up brass and copper and I presume other soft non ferrous metals/alloys. So I was cleaning my bike this last weekend and started looking at my brass bar ends which are heavily knurled and can get a little dirty looking at times. So I thought I'd give it a shot and I have to say I am totally impressed! I tried a little section on one bar end and within minutes it had already started to brighten up the brass. So I slathered both of them up with Ketchup and let them sit for about 3 minutes and man it cleans all of the oxidation in between the knurling and everything. I presume the acid in the ketchup is etching away the oxidation. I finished it up with a quick shot of Goo Gone to get rid of the ketchup and Voila. This one is staying in my arsenal for good now.


well i do it a bit diff
every 500 mi
wash with gold class
remove all plastics
clay with mg clay bar(1x)
mg paint cleaner(1x)
wash again
mg polish(3X)
NXT wax(3X)
zymol (2X)
MG chrome polish
Harley back to black
install plastics
run the heck out of her
back at it at 500 mi
you will be surprise how much gung is under the plastics... i was actually considering paiting the insides.. since they spend more time of the bike than on...
no recent pics...
in between just wash with gold class and finish with showtime detailer... and always do the chrome... after every ride... make her ready to come out at any time



Grippin' and Rippin'
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Plexus, always Plexus....and more Plexus. Never water the bike down ever. Start at the front, move to the back .....wheels last front then rear. Done. Even when I've been out playing in the rain...towel dry, Plexus.....and more Plexus, of course.......


Plexus on all the plastic (windscreen, gauge covers, helmet screen)
Wipe down the bike with S100 spray wax and microfiber about every five minutes.
I just washed the bike with plastics off and scrubbed with simple green. Hose off and dry with leaf blower.
Tire shine (lol)
Back To Black on inside dash panels and visible rubber.
Poorboys ex (3 coats ) on body panels. Applied with Porter Cable and 3" buffer pan.
S100 or Natty's paste wax as top coat.
Mothers metal polish on any polished surface or chrome.

first vr4

When my bike isn't too dirty I use the Armuor All Car Wipes for a quick cleaning. If she's pretty grimey I'll use the Mister Clean Spotless Wash and then use the famous Plexis or a nice finishing touch!


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if there is time to wash it there is time to ride it. I usually do a compelte cleaning twice once at the beginning of season then again before I put her away for the winter.


I have never used water!!

wax after every ride,no matter how short (yeah,im anal)

zaino wax only,those spray on detailers are junk (all of them)

always start at the tank and finish there

lots of chrome (it takes a little while) chrome polish

not happy unless i can see my reflection in the dark!!!!


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