I feel sick in my when my dog died...grandpa died...when I was shot down by the girl of my dreams (twice)...

I think international rules suck...I should be free to take my sh*t anywhere in the world without having to "sweeten" the deal for the frickin government by paying customs duty. This is MY STUFF...why should I pay you to keep my stuff with me!

Too bad...arguments like this will only get you in jail or get your bike impounded and sold on auction where I come from (India).

I have had my bike up for sale for a long time and I am secretly happy that nobody has taken a step to take her from me. Sure she will be all alone here while I am gone and although I will be working really hard to get my ass back here - it will be at least 1 year...

I am just depressed right now...

You american citizens have no idea what you have...and what you take for granted. I am leaving because it is the "legal" thing to do. Too bad honesty and passion aren't enough to give me a permanent ticket into this country. Apparently the illegal route is far more easier...

I am just not made that way.

I am leaving to India next Wednesday. Should my bike sell I will go there with cash in hand but a heavy heart. If she doesnt sell - I will be even more heartbroken because I am leaving her neglected and alone here...

U-Haul I guess? havent thought of that heart isn't allowing my brain to think straight at the moment. I cant believe I am so attached to this hunk of metal and plastic. Suzuki sucks!


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Dude, I am sorry to hear you have to go, I was one the guys interested in buying your bike, but found the one I was looking for about 50 miles away for the right price so I bought it instead. I wanted an LE model no matter what cause I really like the solid colors and black frame.
I hope you make it back some time, goodluck and farewell in your journey.


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not sure what your plans are ,but do you know anyone trustworthy who would:
1. Sell it for you?
2. Keep/maintain it for you until a later date?


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I know a CID guy @ Bragg (Cilvilian) over 30,responsible family guy that will keep it safe for you and maintain it.He kept my stang for me,never abused it,I did let him drive it,but he only drove it to work like once or twice a month.I kept tabs on him for a while until I knew he could be trusted.He lives in a gated community and the bike would be garage kept.If you want me to talk with him,let me know.He's a friend of mine and I KNOW he can be trusted.NJ.


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(gsferrari @ Sep. 07 2006,14:14) If you guys can post your location it will help. I am in Erie PA right now.


I'm in Maryland. I have a friend that wants your bike but he doesn't have the money right now. He's talking early spring.

I keep mine, his Ninja 9, and a friends Gixxer in my garage during the winter months. I have no problems adding yours to the hibernation habitat. Let me know.


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Yeah It's got to be hard GS, it's irritating but since 911 lots of rules have been created or enforced that weren't so much in the past.

Why didn't you start the immigration process earlier if you were planning on staying? Also, have you considered Canada? It's a continental option and their immigration rules are simpler. Become a Canadian Citizen, then immigrate to the US. It's done ALOT out here in the PAC NW.

Heck I am certain your company has some assets in Canada, maybe that is a potention route?

Hope things work out for ya.


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GS - I Live in Mooresville NC, and as someone stated earlier, ill be happy to keep her in my garage for you until you get back, will sit her right next to my custom 03.

Just leave the keys.


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I'm glad to see that you guys have someoptions for him.

I was going to offer a room for it in VA next to my 01.


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In Ohio, have plenty of room if you need it stored. Off work right now so we could arrange a meet somewhere.

BTW, that sucks you gotta leave. How long have you been in the states?


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I can store it and help with the sale also if you want. I have a plenty big garage... Hell I would keep it there for you until you worked out a way back if you want.

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