Deployment Orders


My unit has been waiting for the tasking orders to deploy for months and the word finally came down this week. I’m scheduled to leave for the big sandbox “actual location classifiedâ€￾ on the first plane out. I don’t know the actual date yet, should be the early part of next week. The orders will be cut for 1 year with an option to extend them for 2 years, but hopefully I will be home sooner than that.

If this escalates into war I think the actual fighting will be over quickly. Then the humanitarian and nation building process that follows could take awhile. If I have access to the internet, I will drop you a line from time to time.

James: I will have to wait until I return to install the HID unit.

Take care…

C130 Flight Engineer - “Puckâ€￾
Be safe over there and good luck to you and everyone else.
I appreciate you, if there is anything that your family needs while you are away let us know, we will see if maybe we can help out. I am sure that there is someone near you that could help if the need arose.

Good luck and thanks for fighting for this great country.

P.S. Tell Sadaam he should try a hobby like riding a hayabusa instead of trying to make weapons of mass destruction.
Never mind, just make hamburger out of his face with an M-60.
Puck, good luck, and be safe. I support our soldiers being a vet myself.

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I was over there the first time for 9 months. Im happy that you have the ability to get involved.

Remember, you are over there for all of us that cant go... god speed. Keep them in good spirits. Our thoughts are with all of our boys over there.
Thanks Puck, as one who has spent their time abroad in "classified places" know that my prayers go with you. Remember to duck and to take a picture of the busa with you in you wallet...ITs always good to remember what you are fighting for..

PEace be with you
Good luck man, our prayers are with you. I won't say goodbye, but See ya later! Don't forget to write.

Or maybe you can leave an address we can write to you?
Keep your head down and pay attention to detail. If any of the news crews put you in danger kill them first. Just bring your but back home. Best of luck.


Be safe and I'm sure we're right behind bring the planes, and I'll bring the Tanks and Bradleys.......
Be safe! Do you need me to ride your 'Busa and keep her moving while you are gone?

Not to worry! You should be able to give Saddam and his girls a good b&amp;^#@ slappin' and be back just in time for the GOOD riding weather!