Delmarva bike week sept 14-17


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Is anyone going to the DelMarVa Bike week.  Sept 14-17.  I made reservations but don't know.  These things always seem to be Harley type events.  Anyone heading that way??? Check out the LINK for information

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Shoot me some directions. Sounds like a good ride. That weekend should be free.
I'm diffently going. I might trailer both of my bikes down to get more work done to my cruiser and the busa.:D
I was planning on going and staying in the camp grounds but I forgot I have duty that weekend so I'm out. maybe next year.
I may be there this year.
Lets start the list!!!! Who's in!!! I'm staying at the Seaboney Hotel

1. basscrazy
2. altec
3. fstAZfk
4. 1 BAD 2K
5. Big E ?
6. ....
I'm going and riding my Busa down on Friday, staying til Sunday. Is their a time and place for everyone to meet and ride together or is everone just meeting at OC. Last year I read that over 250,000 bikes were their. There was a few 1,000 sportbikes there too. I have a reservation at the Fenwick Inn so any one who needs it has a place to crash. I'm questing the best place to meet is at WAWA's on Route 50 just before the Bay Bridge, What does anyone else think???
I'm down for a day trip. If anyone is leaving Saturday PM me or post up here. I'm in Southern MD (near Waldorf).

I'll ride over Saturday morning and back Saturday evening.

I'm sure police will be stationed along 50 and 13 so manage your speed runs well.
I plan on going but jumped on trying to get reservations too late. I'm in a hotel that I have been staying in here in Annapolis for the past two months, the Quality Inn just before the Bay Bridge (exit 30) hwy. 50E. I know where WAWA is, but with all the traffic the cops are going to suck. There is a ton of parking for bikes on the back side of the Hotel if anyone wants to come in and take sit down with a clean shitter. I'll be sure to get a bunch of water and what not.

Just let me know when you guys are going to ride in... I will be going friday or saturday if I can find a place to crash for my girlfriend and I.

I'm still in the iffy category. I've got some shizat going on.

Are we going to try and schedule a meeting time/place? It would be more beneficial for me if we did. That would give me extra incentive to try and attend. Otherwise, who wants to hang out with a bunch of hardly riders.
I talked w/ a friend of mine who just bought a CBR1000. We might be riding down together.

I'll post up for sure Friday the 15th.
I've got over 25 friends going tomorrow! We are all staying in different places... a bunch of STUNTERs and such. When are all the Busa getting together and where? My Hotel is the Quality Inn and I will be leaving Saturday am.

WHo else is going?

ADD me and get on the bulletin list for the parties.
I'm at the SeaBonay. I have res. for tomorrow thru Sat but it is suppose to rain all day tomorrow. 3.5 hrs in the rain
Anyone familiar with the area? Maybe we can find a spot to hook up. From everything I read, this is a Hardley type event
It sounds like everyone is going down at different times and days. so planning a group ride would be very difficult. I'm planning to leave around 4 pm on Friday. I would like to suggest that all of us have a meet n greet for Saturday between 3-4pm infront of the convention center. This is were the factory bike show is with independant bilders outside in the parking lot.That would give us time to meet , a cruiz around OC, check out bike shows, concerts, eat a nice place (no fast food)and all the other events they have going on. Most of the events last year was over near the Harley shop. It going to be very crowed and traffic will SUCK just to give you guys some heads up. Like I said earlier I'm staying at the Fenwick INN and anyone has a place to crash, change, store gear, or whatever.