DELL - I hate you, but I will still buy your crap.


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Registered's so frustrating to have a company that is so technically advanced so as to make a product that has great automated support for drivers and other autmoated tech support....but when you have to talk to somebody, watch out!

I called to return a $40 wireless keyboard. The unit was DOA, simple. I spent close to 15 minutes on the phone with two people from god knows where. The automated system asked me for my reason for calling and my order number. The first human I spoke to asked me for the same information. I told them, don't you already have that information on your screen? No sir...... So I proceed to spend 5 minutes giving this person every bit of info imaginable. Then he tells me that he has to transfer me to someone else????? the new person comes on the line after 5 minutes on hold, and proceeds to ask me the SAME QUESTIONS! I said "listen, I know it's not your fault, but you're wasting my time and your time asking questions in duplicity, when the first guy could have just transferred me to you directly and saved everyone a bunch of time." I got some jibberish and then a vauge "I will forward your concern" and without skipping even a beat, he went forward with more questions.

By the time I was done, I had spent $50 of my time returning a $40 keyboard. And then I wasted another $20 of my time posting my whiney story here. :laugh:

GAH! Dell sucks....but I like their crap.....what am I to do?
exactly what you are doing..inform your realm of influence ...this hurts thier pocketbook
Yeah, I know what you mean. My big problem with Dell is that they came into my city saying how many people they were going to hire and promissed so many jobs, built a huge facility (right behind my house), now, less than 3yrs later, they are pulling out, complaining about their losses....well, what about ours??
I try to use their online support chat..that way i can do other things while they figure out what they are gonna do.
I am just happy that they are hiring more folks in American offices to talk to.
Tired of talking to someone in the Philipines ?

Nice to get a Texan on the phone at 2am.

But yes agree with you its insane trying to get help from anyone.
Same as AT&T...fugetaboutit !

Can you imagine the amount of operators needed to handle a company with MILLIONS of customers ? I close my eyes and see a room full of operators that is so far and wide you cannot see the walls 1000 times over.

oh and VB please remember God is a proper word and should be capitalized......
Thanks my friend....
I try to use their online support chat..that way i can do other things while they figure out what they are gonna do.

This method seems to work better for us also. Enterprise support is slightly better than what you are dealing with (but not much better).

I do not like their hardware.
When I have a computer problem I call myself. I find myself to be prompt to respond to the problems, with almost NO backtalk. :rofl:
I hate dell. We have them at work (300+) and they always crashing. The older HP's are rock solid. Dell support is garbage. I once had a tech support guy tell me to "google" info on their drivers. WTF is that???
I know how you feel and thats why I had my last computer custom built by my moms co-worker. I got a computer for just little bit better money then what you would spend on buying an off the shelf piece and it is a 100 times better then the shelf piece.
Dell is known is the 'Evil Empire' in a lot of PC building/tech forums.. I had a Dell, which is the reason that I got into building PC's.. :whistle:
I would REALLY like to build one of my own this time.

Well skydiver if you want some advice on what to build lemme know.. I might even have a few spare parts lying around that I can spare.

Lets see here list of things I have layin around..

Hard Drives(s)
Floppy Drive(s)
Video Card(s)
Sound Card(s)
2-3 cases
Monitor or 2
other randomly assorted items

It is not all up to date anymore obviously but it still works quite well. Used some of it to build my video feed server.

I personally would rather see everyone build their own comp, at least the people I know. Cause as stated earlier you get way more bang for the buck.