Decided on the 2012 Ninja 1000 for the wife....


Hey guys, I ended up getting the Ninja 1000 over the FZ1. This Ninja is a very nice bike and I am liking it a lot. Very comfortable and has a ton of low end power ( Busa like ) with the ABS system. This is a definite pick for a do it all motorcycle. I will miss my 06 gsxr 1000 but having my wife ride with me more out weighs any bike. Our 20 year anniversary is in a couple days and couldn't be happier.

Nice bike. Quite a contrast in contour and lines between the two. The Ninja almost has a bit of a street fighter look to it with all the black, sharp lines, and more exposed engine. Not sure I could get my wife on her own bike. Lucky if I can get her on mine. You are a lucky man! Have fun.
Yes I can attest to it being a great looking bike and Dave please don't tell anyone how you pulled me on a 5th and 6th gear roll-on. :please:
Those are very cool bikes. I hope she enjoys it. :thumbsup:

The lucky folks across the pond even get a touring version from Kawi.

Ninja 1000 SX.jpg
They make a saddle bag kit for this bike...maybe one day but they are pricey.

Yeah, not cheap at all. I think the Ninja 1000 is a really cool bike, touring package or not. That would be a sweet commuter though.
I went to a kawi demo ride just to try that bike and loved it. If I Had enough time to ride, I would definitely put one of those next to my busa. Congrats on the bike and the anniversary. :thumbsup:
That should make any "riding wife" etremely happy. There are only one or 2 bikes better than that aninmal....:whistle:

Maybe for yer 25Th aniversary matching Gen III's.

Just to refresh...she is dozerswife on here but no longer has her 09 Busa. My buddy Stangman bought it from her... she is a keeper for sure. The 06 gsxr 1k we traded in for the Ninja wasn't a good bike for her...she only rode it twice and complained about her wrists. I will miss the gsxr but ooh well. I am looking forward to the Gen 3 for myself :whistle: