Decals from tapeworks

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I got these from Rob at Tapeworks. Tell me what you think...

The web site is Tapworks you have to order by phone.  The get them out pretty quick.  The one for the cowl was 15 I can't remember what the other set went for.  It was around 60-70.  They had quite a few other color choices.
looks pretty clean man. I had some decals made at the local sign & sticker shop I think they were about $5 each but may not last that long the guy told me.

I have had very good results with Tape Works. I had speciality made Ninja Green Kanji and Ninja Green Hayabusa in multi sizes. I will have to get some current pictures with those and my Green bolts and pegs.
hey man, those look great!!! i like the one on the truck. i am looking for something similar for my helmet.. thanks for the info!!
Looks nice. Just watch those decals over time. They may start to bubble as I've seen on a number of bikes with those sets. Just apply some heat and they're fixed.

I'm going to get mine from Nick when the $ rolls in and I get mine painted (I've been saying that for too damn long.

Thanks for the info on the bubbles! I will keep and eye out!
Nice graphics
. I may have to ride by tapeworks tomorrow or monday and see what they have in the shop.

Question: Once the graphics are on what do you think about having a light coat of clear coat sprayed on to protect the sticker from the elements and keep it from peeling. I had a design painted on my helmet and then clear coated, and in 2 years no problems.

Just an idea
The clear coat might be a good idea! I am not experienced enough to tell you that you should do it. I think it sounds like A good Idea. Gixx1300R can give you the best answer to that.

I'll see if this works, if you want a copy of this Kanji try right click on it then save as a photo. Then take it to a sign or sticker shop and they'll make it any color or size you want.