Debug help!


Hey all,

My brake light is stuck on (as if the brake were always depressed).

Where should I start debugging this? I have the manual but I couldn't find a location for the switches that activate the brake light when the levers are actuated...

Any input appreciated! Thanks!
I just fixed this problem on my ride...
First youneed to determine if it the fron brake or the rear that is causing the light to come on. the easiet way i found was to look just behind the guard on the rear brake...there is a soft plastic hooded connector (it's hanging vertically)..Simply unplug it. If the break light goes back to normal (runninglight only) then the fix is simple. Just to the left of that connector is the brake lever switch. The switch has a "screw" adjustment. Simply adjust the screw down so the switch isn't always compressed. reconnect the connector and check to see if the brake light is working right.

That's a lame description but when you look at it it will make MUCH more sense.

If it is the front brake...I'm not sure how to adjust it. The other problem you may have is actually having a bad switch...I'm inclinded to think it's the rear needing adjustment.

I'm sure there are other here that can give a better description and tell you how to work on the front .

That's a great description - thanks. I am familure with it as I poked around in there last night, in the dark

I didn't realize it could be adjusted though! I'll check it out. Thanks alot!
Is it safe to assume that it stays on only when you have the key on? Just making sure you didn't turn on the parking light when you shut it off last.
Whoo Hooo...I actually provided usable technical info! Yeah Baby!...Who's da man?


Glad that worked out.