Debating selling my bike... what is a realistic price ?


Like the title says, I've been kicking the idea around of selling the bike. It's a love hate thing right now. I love the bike but I also haven't ride it in probably 6 months, not counting the ride up to the mail box to just keep stuff moving. Biggest reason is because all my riding buddies have all sold their bikes and with my transfer at work, riding in just really isn't an option with all the equipment I have to bring in 2-3 days a week.

Anywho, I was wondering what a realistic price would be. It's a 2001 hayabusa. Layed down once, sub 5 mph and it's how I justified getting the paint job. Rode it home 20 miles and had no issues. It has probably 62k miles on it. 95% highway miles, back when we all had bikes and took trips up north or to rocky point, and for the last 3 years it was a commuter to work that's 1.4 miles away. Paint is probably 90-95%, I'm real critical, probably 5-6 small rock chips on the nose section. Worse area is the lower part of the gas tank. My pocket night opened somehow in my jacket and I didn't know... which the tip ended up scratching the tank pretty good :( all the other mods should be in the sig. I just took it apart forbits yearly cleaning and cleaned the whole bike, tune up, ect.

I have been joking around saying if someone offered $8000 I'd take it but now I'm really wondering what it would go for. Not trying to make a "profit" just looking for a realistic price.

Edit: tires are now perelli angels with probably 4 miles on them.

Edit: semi recent picture, probably last time I took it out to meet a buddy for lunch.

Thanks for that link/post. I'd love to say my bikes worth 10.5k but that's probably new with 0 miles. Lol. I mean, it could be, guess it's more what's it worth vs what I actually get for it.
Decent Gen IIs have been listed/bought/sold for under $8,000. Best of luck.
Suggested retail price was when it was brand new. $5270 is average clean retail. Based off of what you said sounds like it may be closed to the lower retail.
You should also check Kelley blue book. There's typically a gap between NADA and KBB however NADA is only quoting retail whereas KBB gives both retail and wholesale. Somewhere in the middle of the two is a good starting point. Agree with'll likely find it's closer to the $4k. I just bought a super clean '03 with 20k miles for $5k...all stock with the exception of an aftermarket t-tree cover. Private individual...not a dealer.
Just gonna throw it out there. Mine is an 05 and I bought it with 1200 miles. I got it for $6k out the door. A paint job is not something a bank will look at for value nor is aftermarket goodies. Honestly? I'd say somewhere around $4k is reasonable
No offense but with the drops and high mileage you'll be lucky to get 4k and that's on a good day unless you find a buyer that is obsessed with eagles..... :whistle:

Better off just keeping it or using it as a trade in for something else. Custom paint holds almost no value on the resell market and unless you failed to mention it comes with BST's or an RCC turbo theres nothing that sets it apart from the other hundreds of busas trying to be sold right now with a lot less miles and zero damage
4k is realistic.

I paid 5.4k for a '05 two years ago with ~13k miles on it, stock fairings, no damage, power commander, 4-2-1 akrapovic header back exhaust and new tires.
not to rain on your parade but i bought an 01 viper blue with 3500 miles on it when i got it with exhaust ab mod and a few other goodies for round 3000. It was in mint condition. private owner. Alot depends on the riding area you are in. here in iowa we only ride from april to usually novemberish.
good luck with the sale, with 62 k miles. Old Busas done up are not getting much value these days.

I think you will be lucky to get 4-5k. If the bike has any good parts, sell them off the bike.

Sad, but true.

Gen 1's are all maxing out around here for about $4500, and you can get 08-10 Gen 2's for about $7500 all day...With high mileage, lay down and custom paint you may be hard pressed to see $4k. Like others have said, I'd hold onto it, keep it for sentimental value and the work you put into it...
$4000-$5000k unfortunately custom paint doesn't tend to raise the value of a bike. and the mileage is very high.
DONT DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT EVERYDAY ...........this is what i told my buddy and he got rid of his and everyday he remembers what i said and now he wants to borrow mine :rulez:
I am selling my 08 right now and it is not easy during this time of year. You have to find a price that you would be willing to let it go for, but one that a potential buyer would not be scared away by. Take for example, my bike has 32,XXX miles on it because I tour/ride highways with it a lot. Now, most people would not even consider a Hayabusa with more than 10K miles, but those are not the people that I am interested in selling my bike to anyway.

You have to consider what someone is willing to pay for it based on the NADA/KBB value, but what you would not regret selling it for.