Death Wobble ! EEEEEEEK !

Neal Scandrett

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Out riding on Saturday, the bike hits a patch of Grease on the road(have to assume it was grease anyway) and oh my god! the whole bike goes into a DEATH WOBBLE, like i mean the whole bike, front back the whole nine yards.

Now im a pretty calm collected sort of guy but this REALLY freaked me out, i had resigned myself to taking a tumble when all of a sudden Bella (Bella Busa) just regains traction and sorta says 'Hey whats the problem '!

Whats the problem? WHATS THE PROBLEM?
The problem is ive just filled my shorts, and i NEVER want that to happen again !!  


Anyone had similar situation ?

Neal(Quivering wreck)Scandrett




Only one time that bad Like you I was waiting to dive into the grass on the side of the road . I actually tightened up my arms and legs it bounced my knees off the fairings so hard they cracked on one side . My buddy was right beside me watching the whole thing . I would like to tell you my awesome driving brought it out of it but I dont know why it stoppped suddenly just like it started . A racing steering stabilyzer will fix that problem but be careful in town I cant tell you how many times I forgot to turn it down from the hardest setting and almost tipped over in town .
I haven't had that situation myself, but I'm really glad you didn't go down. Hope those shorts come clean in the wash!
Saw a bunch of small wobbles yesterday...But that was because the guy was trying to represent by turning the front fork on his wheelies...Several of us told him what he was doing but he just kept on...I was standing by to get a pic of his wreck but he stopped (wheeliing) is that a word?...
We have logging trucks that have the big claw type lift on them here. My last ride this fall when going around a curve at about 70mph I hit a bunch of oil that one of the trucks leaked on the curve. I ended up in the on coming lane (no way to keep it on my side of the road) going head on with a car!! I went for the shoulder (his side of the road) and passed him on the passenger side!! I was thinking here goes this is it Im going to get wacked by a car. All I can say is I was lucky, and yes I came right home and parked it... It did scare the hell out of me.
Tankslappin is nasty! In my experience and opinion : If possible try to relax and let wheel correct itself, dont fight it. Cause as your comments reflect you cant fight it anyway. Ride it out or you might end up like this ...

Glad to hear that you kept it on both wheels. I have seen videos of tank slappers and I can say I don't want to see one in person.
I saw a bad tank slapper in one of the NHRA events in pro stock bike. Very scary I heard the R-1's are horrible for that ?
What i could not believe was that considering the severity of the wobble that the bike actually regained controll itself !

Cos all i could do was sit there s*** myself and think nice thoughts !!
whoa! scary just readin! Im tellin ya guys that stock steering dampner is for the birds on a machine that heavy and powerful. Go HYPERPRO progressive dampners. I came down very unstraight in a wheelie and the the front tried to snap hard to the left at the first contact from the front tire but it never got far enoough to the right on the return to cause a slapper. I was very impressed.

Dampner,429 dollars....
Improved controllability, pricless..