Dealing with people that can't stick to their word...


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Got tired of waiting on a bud to do some welding for me. (sold my rig :banghead: because it sat unused for a couple years)

So I go to my local sell it site. Type in welders,get some phone numbers.Call one. A guy says he charges 40 bucks an hour. I say OK,when can you do it. He says between 1 and 2 PM today. (this happened yesterday). He says he'll phone first before coming out. I give him my addy. He then says he'll have to charge me sixty because I live out of town. I say no problem,gas ain't free. So 1PM comes and goes. 2PM,comes and goes. 2:30,Rubb says fug it,and goes for a ride. I get home at 4:30,there is a guy standing at my front door.I wheel past to the garage door,get off and start to walk to the house. Dude says...Are you the guy who wanted the welding done. Rubb says, are you the guy who was supposed to be here between 1 and 2. I say this without losing a step as I walk to my house,go in,and let Atlas (my big Rotti out into the yard,where he starts to bark and go nuts at the stranger in his driveway). There is a fence seperating the 2,but the sign on the fence reads: Is there life after death? Jump this fence and find out.

:laugh: So know I have to go open the garage door and put the Harley away...I know,I know...(but I thought it might rain LOL)

So put bike away,walk towards house,the guys buddy pulls up(he had been turning around) in giant truck with huge utilty trailer.They have obviously talked,while I was inside. Second guy says to me...So,do you want us to get started on that welding?

I look him in the eye with a blank stare. I pause for 5-10 seconds and then say.... "I'll pass." and walk away. :rofl:

They are dumbfounded. They look at each other in disbelief and split.

2 guys,huge rig,fuel costs,wasted time,couple hours round trip in rush hour traffic.... I LOVE IT. :laugh:

My m/c trailer still needs some welding,but who gives a fug,I had BIGTIME fun.

Funny thing too,I notice they both had cell phones on their belts. Is it so hard to pick up and dial a number. "Hey dude,were running late.Hey dude can we re-shedule?" I would have said ... no prob,shi7 happens right.

People seem to have lost that old time integrity,is it any wonder businesses go under these days. This twat had to have lost a couple hundred easy....

all over a phone call..... and the fact they had to deal with.... "The Original Site Bastid." :laugh:

RSD. O ya... P.S. (welder needed) :rofl:
yeah i cant stand that, the least they could have done was call ya, oh well guess they dont need you're money huh.
Well, I know our president doesn't have a watch, and don't mind a Marine holding an umbrella for him while the Marine gets wet :laugh: