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No one likes to feel like they've gotten ripped off, so I'll understand if people are reluctant to reply, but...  I've got a dealer who's quoted me an out-the-door price of $9,530 for a new 2002 silver/silver Hayabusa.

Someone posted about a Canadian dealer called Snowpro44 on e bay, who I think was beating $9,530.00.  Can anyone remember or provide info on that particular dealer?

I'm getting very close to making the purchase now, and any help is appreciated.
Check out Hey if you would, tell me what their best otd price is.

This email was sent to me by Mike Andre.

((The name of the Canadian dealership is Power Cycle. The number is 519-969-2339. When you call you must talk to Iggy. He is the owner. Tell him you know me (Mike Andre) and that you are from the United States. Let him know what bike your interested in and he will take care of you. He is a great guy and really takes care of his customers.

The prices have changed a little. For some of the most popular 2002 models are as follows...
GSXR1000 = $9200
GSXR750 = $8100
GSXR600 = $7200
BUSA = $9400
GSXR600 telefonica = $7500

The price already includes all Customs tax and broker fees.

Shipping to almost any state will be $200 or less. He will be able to set everything up over the phone with you.

Again all I ask is you tell him that I referred you so I get a discount on my pipe. I just bought a GSXR1000 from him and for every person I send to him I get $50 off my exhaust pipe.
If you have any more questions for me just email me back or call me at 248-762-1487 -Mike Andre- Let me know if you get one.)))

Tell me what you find and if you order from the dealer in Canada tell him Chris Pugh sent you and let me know.
Thanks for that info.

I haven't called yet, but probably will this weekend. Not sure if the owner will be there on the weekend, but I guess we'll see.

This is it, ladies and germs, I'm on the threshold of membership into one of the most elite motocrycle ownership groups that exist: The Hayabusa Owner's Group. (I just made that up, but I'll bet the Harley guys would be pissed if we used their term "HOG" as OUR acronym)

Wait a sec, maybe I don't really want to call myself a member of "Hog".

So anyway, I digress. Come on you guys, push me over the edge! This bike would be my sixth since being a little kid, the last one being a Ninja. And before the purchase of every one of them, I always agonize to myself about it for weeks on end.

Do some of that peer pressure stuff, and I'll have one on the way by the end of next week.


I got my 2000 for $9800 but they gave me a $400 Aria helmet, 50% off the center stand with free install and 20% a rain suit.
I was the one that oringinally posted about the snowpro44 guy, and that is powersports in canada. I got my Busa from them for $9100 plus $350 to have it shipped to me. They were great people to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone.
Hey, I didn't mean THE Canadian dealer, I meant A Canadian dealer.

Who was the dealer that threw-in the helmet and other enticements?

I found a dealer that was selling 2002 busas for $8.900. Ended up being false advertiseing. So last month I loaded the sportster into my truck, tied it down and i was off to chicago, a 4 hour trip from indy. Fist problem, when i got there they only had 1 busa left, the add said they had 24. The busa wasnt the color i wanted either. Second problem, the dealer also said he would only give me 5000 on my sportster, but when i talked to them before they said they would trade me even for it. Third problem i found out about by a local dealer, they add on a lot of extra fee bring the price back up to MSRP. I was, and still am, so freaking pissed off by them. BTW, its called "Chicago Cycle Center."

Luckly my local suzuki dealer is going to give me a discount

I am already a memeber of the Harley Owners Group
We should use/join the Japanese Owner group called Hayabusa Owners Club (HOC)

My uncle, the harley rider, is doing about everything he can to prevent me from getting a busa. I will have my 2002 silver/silver Busa.
He thinks that Harleys are "The Ultimate Motorcycles." I am going have to show him what a the real Untimate is. I am hopeing for getting a busa within 10 days.

Btw, can i get the name and/or webpage of where you got the quote at out-the-door pirce. Cause my dealer with price match
Well lets see, the Sportster out sells the Busa by how many a year. Hmmmm. Well seeing that the sportster is the best selling model of any bike in America it must be doing something right huh. I love my Busa, but I can't stand people to put down Harley, they revived motorcycling in this country. The Sportster must be doing something right since its outselling the SH*T out of the Busa. Food for thought.
Hmm... lets see now, why would a sportster be the best, comfortable ride? Nope, thats not it, rough as rideing thru hell, vibrates so much your ass goes numb, without any help from the hard stock seat. There is one reasons that the sporster would be popular, price. Starting at around 8500 for a 883, and up to 13000 for a 1200 C, (BTW you cant get any harley for its MSRP)

The sportster is known as the "starter harley," as anyone who rides a harley will tell you. They are usually traded toward other harleys, within a few months.  

I own a sportster i konw what they are like. My uncle has a SE road glide, its a nice bike, and it is comfortable, but it better be, because it cost $30,000
I had a 1999 Harley Sportster Hugger. Did my ass go numb, no. LOL. Did I say it was the best, no. Does it cost roughly the same as a busa, yes. Does it outsell the Busa, yes. Thats the only point I was making. Obviously most people think its a pretty decent ride.
I don't listen to what other people tell me. Ever watch a movie and think it was awesome only to hear from someone else that it sucked? Do what makes you happy. Every person has different likes and dislikes. The Sportster may be the best selling bike in America, but I've never been one to jump on the bandwagon. I'm unique, and so are my toys.
Back off topic... :argue:

The hugger is only an 883, I have a 1200 Custom. My ass goes numb due to the vibration, the engine is rigid mounted afterall.

BTW: I am selling my sportster for ~11,500, great bike to start out on.

Back on topic.....

That is a good price see if you can talk him down more...couldnt hurt.
Thank you for your feedback regarding the price.


If I make a purchase by the end of this coming week, we'll all have an online party here, right? I'll bring the keg.


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