Dead busa

Mentioned at Eureka Springs that a bud that was suposed to come with had been in a serious bike wreck the week before when a drunk driver turned in front of him with NO time to avoid. He was doing bout 50mph.
Broke his Jaw, bruised ribs and a couple scrapes.

Here is a link to his site with pics of the bike

Bike and SUV were totaled.
Without the helmet dead for sure. Without the protective jacket broke ribs instead of bruised.

His E-mail addy is if u care to send a kind word.



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message sent! Your friend is a lucky man!! The pics of that bike are haunting!! Hope he heals well and quickly!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's injuries but at least he's going to be O.K.  

P.S. A protective jacket doesn't safegaurd against broken ribs. It only protects up to a point against cuts and abrasions. Many have broken ribs, collar bones, and arms who were wearing protective jackets. Protective gear offers very little in safeguarding against impact damage.

P.S. I'm all for wearing riding gear and you won't catch me riding without my protective riding gear these days, as I accept whatever protection it provides.
sorry to hear about your friend-glad he was wearing gear and is still with us to complain about the SOB suv-driver who hit him. Hope he heals fast and is able to ride again.
Prayers sent.


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That blows, man. Drunk drivers need to be executed. End of discussion.



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Not sure how I missed this but WOW... Just really glad to hear your friend survived this incident. Hope the sorry dog that hit him gets the book thrown at em....


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I just e-mailed him. I'm very happy he made it through. I hope that drunk mother fu##er get's some serious prison time for this.


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Glad your friend is good.

I like your videos of bandera and the meet and greet. You kinda forget Texas has big hills and windy roads in the hill country.
(heavybusa @ Sep. 23 2006,10:06) Dayum, glad to hear he survived.

How did he break his jaw, the helmet looks in tact.
Happened so fast he had less that 1 second to react before impact. so went into the truck face/helmet,chinbar first and as that is the only part of the helmet not against your face it moved in towards his jaw. Put on your helmet then push your chinbar towards your jaw, it will move till something makes it stop.
there was a car right behind him and the car left 2 big skid marks trying to also avoid the dumbass truck and also the bike and person on the road.
He called me shortly and mentioned that some of u guys e-mailed and that he wanted me to thank you for the kind worrds. He is big time bumed out right now having to deal with doctors and lawyers etc.
We may go up to Oklahoma where his v-max is and bring it back to Texas next week to get him back in the saddle
also the videos that is on his site is from a few of our v-max rallies we have had

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