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You can keep the PMs to yourself. I still think you are a tool. I have been on this site for quite some time and you are the FIRST to get under my skin. Congratulations!

BTW, I have still be riding longer than you. Think before you type... dill weed.

The last thing I, or any of us, need is a flame-battle... so I will try to let this go.

Besides, I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man...
Thinking about "Dave's" actions and behavior, I wonder if he is one of the dirt-bags that pissed off Captain...?

Now now, don't jump to conclusions.  However I went back and read the posts that you attached the link to and started to get pissed of myself.  Calling my buddy Doc names, what next.  Man let's call Suzuki and ask why they will not help Dave, should be a claim number here somewhere.

Oh and by the way Dave if you are racing on the drag strip and happen to mention this to Suzuki or any other bike company all warrenty is off.  Best to break a bike in for 3,ooo miles before you toss it on the strip unless you have money to burn.
:drink: You're right NE. I should not ass-u-me as it makes an ass of u and me... hehehehe. Seriously, I hope Dave get's his bike fixed and lives happily ever after, Suzuki, Honda, whatever...

I too read the posts on the link Doc supplied and I have an idea...
Why dosen't Dave and the gentleman named Shiznot start their own board?

Have a nice day.  :)
Man i wish the Busas here were close i could use a good ride with the gang.

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I may have mistaken him for another poser, Maybe the 16 year old with big claims about his bike and the girls. Thought it was the same guy.
Apology for mis information.