Date someone who does not ride??


What is everyone's thoughts on dating someone who does not share your passion for riding??

Reason for inqury.... Planned a date with a guy who doesnt ride... on bike night cause my bike was acting up. Now my people are checking it out for me cause they want me to ride tonight. might be fixed now and I want to ride to bike night with my people (who worked on the bike) I told homie that I will be riding tonight and if he wants to spend time with me he needs to meet me at the location. LOL.

I started thinking that might not be the correct response?? LOL. Ideas? Opinions?

Given the choice would you date someone who isnt into riding or into bikes??

I figure this should be an entertaining topic for the thread for all of us...hehe


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He'll come around.

Hope you got an extra helmet that's not pink though~!~ :laugh:


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My wife hasn't rode with me all year. ::11

Course, she's due in 2.5 weeks~!~ :banana:


He says maybe he has a little interest. But I am all about my bike right now. I told him the kid, the bike, and then everything He said he is cool with it but only time will tell. Last guy only lasted a month since I was always like, nope I cant...Im riding tonight. LOL


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Date the person for the person. If they can't accept your hobbies... to the curb!

If a person doesn't like you for who you are then why continue a relationship ???


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i have but it hasn't worked out........of course, i've also dated girls that were into bikes and that didn't work out either :laugh:


In my opinion, you should keep the date and decice later if you want to keep dating him. Since you'all made the date, not fair to him to break it. Take hi8m to the bike night, he may have to get a bike after he sees how much fun it is. Good luck and don't worry about that 8 in him above, It was a sliputs.:laugh:


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You know, this subject can be pretty a perfect world, you both should be able to have interests outside of what you both share in life, but I have found that the reality isn't always that case...

I think it's easier to find someone that shares your hobbies and passions...maybe not all of them, but you know, the more you two have in common, the less you'll fight over the stuff he's not doing with you or that you're not doing with him...

Having said that, there's something to be said for doing your own thing and having time's a balance I have yet to experience :laugh: Let me know how it works out for you!! :)

Good luck...


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Having a bike night is kinda like having a friends night right?

Gotta have your fun too~!~

Just make it part of the equation in the relationship. If things are meant to be, he'll accept this as part of your life and something you really care about.

BTW, what is he, like 105 years old~?~ It says you are 99. :laugh:

Busa Jules

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Heck I'm married to a guy who rides and we still have our conflicts.. there are many times I want to go ride/ bike night and he's not into it and vice versa... so if you are thinking that finding a man who rides would make things easier.. well that's not always true.

As far as demanding that this poor fella meets you at bike night instead of a date.. that's a big no no :no: if you want it to go anywhere.. you basically just asked this poor defenseless (yeah right) man to step on to your territory while you are surrounded by a bunch of hormonal male dogs (yes.. dogs)...

You gotta decide if you are really looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now.


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I'd say it depends on how you feel about teaching a man to ride? It's a long drawn out process and you'll need determination and patients to succeed.

I took a woman for a two up ride once and she imediately wanted her own ride. I have spent the last five years tutoring her. However, she can ride the arse off a busa now.


So you're willing to give up your passion for some guy you just met?? Yea it will work out. No no, it won't be a sore spot later on when you want to ride with your homies and he wants you to stay home and be a good girl. What would you tell Busa Jules if she was giving up riding for some guy she just met?


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I tried dating a girl who liked riding but when the wife found out it really didnt work out. :whistle:


So you're willing to give up your passion for some guy you just met?? Yea it will work out. No no, it won't be a sore spot later on when you want to ride with your homies and he wants you to stay home and be a good girl. What would you tell Busa Jules if she was giving up riding for some guy she just met?
Well I figure that if I let him see what it is all about now before things get serious then he will know what he is getting involved with. LOL. I realize that I am in a sea of guys...that think its hot that girls ride...we even have a few groupies that follow us So he can decide to join the fun or see me when I am not riding. I have already explained that riding is a major part of my life. If he cant deal than he has to go. I would rather ride than have a bf. Hehe:lol:


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I love my wife very much I wouldn't want to think of living without her. She has no intrest in bikes exept that they make me happy or at least serve as a needed distraction.It is important to have different experences to share. It dose not have to be bikes but I don't think you have to be joined at the hip to have a healthy relationship. After 20 years or 2 months I would run out of things to talk about. In no way am I saying that rideing is more inportant. If the bike became a problem I would get rid of the bike not the wife. I am just saying it is ok to be different isn't that why you love them in the first place? ps hope he's a great guy and all works out .
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