Damm this rain!!


Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust!
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Where were you to back me up a few weeks ago when I was complaining? :poke:

I've had enough too.....is it Spring yet? :whistle:


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i gave up on waiting it out so now i ride regardless of the weather. guess what? rain again today here in the "land of liberals".


I'm outta here!!!!
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we have seen no rain here for weeks now and there is no rain projected for the next 2 weeks...and we are over 100 everyday with an expected cooling to 99 for a few. It was 106 yesterday suppose to be 105 today.

Send it this way......


Went to school in western mass (Amherst, Belchertown) and I don't remember every really having a long riding season. Try snowmobils ?


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Its been extremely hot in Missouri for the past 9 days. 4 more days of it in the forecast. But I'm not wishing for winter.
Has been hot on my side of the state too. We get a small thunderstorm about every evening this week it seems, keeps the humidity up. When I left for work at 5:30AM it was 72 and 93% humidity. Heat and humidity #s have traded places here in the afternoon.:laugh:

I still don't miss winter either.

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