DALLAS Ft.Worth AREA members..


Trying to get a ride setup for this weekend, don't care where we go, just let's GO!

Saturday, all day, mid 60's SUNSHINE!
Need I say more?

Sign up or get Left......

maybe a nice 600miles trip?
The trip can be to anywhere, I don't care, but I am jettin' Sat. AM, be there or be.. well you know the rest..  

Can't go Sun, unles it is an half-day Am only ride, buying my lil' girl a Chinese Crested.. $2000.oo freek lookin mohawk having dog.. Comming in Sun afternoon, early X-Mas gift.

I was thinking about going on the Texas Toy run on Sunday but not sure about Sat yet ? any idea on where to go for a ride ??
Austin, maybe? I'd kind of like to just head out and explore, really. It's too cold to do twisties, so I'm up for some nice scenery.
Austin sounds good, Maybe Round Rock to visit Cheeseman?

Don't care lets do something..

Although, I might wanna check out Majestic Turbo in Waco..

Let me know, that's about a 2-3hr ride to Austin / Round Rock area.

1.5-2 hrs Waco..

Just get some more ideas, let me know here..

Jace, let us know, when we jet, we go, and don't look back.

Sounds good. I've been debating going, I want to finish this anim project so bad so I can hopefully get a very much needed job, but I also think a day off will do me some good. I've been in this house sometimes days at a time. Ugh. Over a year like this now.  

Anyways, what time do you want to head out? Maybe a shorter ride would be better so we head back while it is still light. The sun sets at 5:22 tomorrow, after which it will be chilly.
Thats cool, we can leave as soon as it gets warm in the AM, 800am?900am?

I would really like to ride down to Waco, if you get my drift..
Let me see if I can get Gottabusa, on the other site to meet us down there.

He knows that are pretty well.