da Org comes through!!

Jay Willie

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Gotta drop a quick 'Totally Right On!!' to a busa bro in Kenosha! :thumbsup: (Ya know who you are!!) :thumbsup: Needed a rear brake bracket and sent out the word...Presto and what shows up in the mail?.....Yeah-a!!! K, you da man!!! :please: Ferverant petition sent for your employment situation...expect results soon!!! :please: GBY, Bro!!! :beerchug:
Our Kenosha brother is one of our most valuable members. Great guy:thumbsup:
Glad you were able to get what you needed. I say it time and time again. This place and the family here are the best.
Jay Willie, I can honestly say that Sam DID NOT LIE to you.:whistle::poke::rofl:

Just pay it forward brother.:rulez: