D&d  and two brothers exhausts


Ok the hunt goes on. I'm still trying to pick and exhaust so if you are running D&D, or whatever how about list it and score it for me in regards to

Quality of Build:
purchased from:
Just my .02, but I remember in an edition of Sport Rider they did a test of exhuasts and D&D didn't put up very good HP numbers. Two bros. is a better choice in my eyes.
I believe the Ti force pipe made the most power. It has a great sound not to loud not to soft. It will not restrict your power should you eventually want to build your busa. I have a 1498cc busa and with the ti force pipe it makes 207hp   Knebnr
Full D&D
Sound is awesome very loud, I often drive by cars and set off there car alarms
The quality is very good
I paid 450$ for it
From someone who no longer had a busa (got it brand new)
I loved the HMF 4
1:2 carbon low

Sound: excellent
Quality of Build:very durable
Performance: good gains 171rwehp
Cost:$1100.00 (double cans)
purchased from motorhead @ hayabusaparts @ suzukihayabusa.org
I have 2 Brother Racing C2 flange bolt ons.
I love em they have a distint sound.
I rode with howlin mad and he has a yosh full system and the sound decibel level was about the same.