Cycle Cat Rearsets Installed!!

First off, I want to say these are amazing! Very high quality product! They have an infinite amount of adjustment in every which way you could possibly imagine. The first ride I set them straight back and since have fine tuned things from there. I don't have it perfect yet but it is getting closer.

Shifting is like night and day from the stock rearsets. It is very smooth and effortless.

I am extremely satisfied with these rearsets and am very happy I spent the little bit of extra money to get these. I had been contemplating several different rearsets in the $350-$450 range but the extra dollars spent were more than worth the end result.

On to the pics....

I purchased these from StreetnTrack on a Wednesday and asked to have them here by Friday so I could install them and test them out over the weekend. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction and will continue giving them more of my business because of that.

Thank you StreetnTrack!  



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I'll give ya a week till it falls over in the driveway and bends those 545.00 pegs .....oh no wait, that's jinkster!

glad ya like'm ...I was just having a little fun with jinx.

nobody should have to go through that....



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Charles is Fantastic to do business with... But  also have to hand it to Cycle-cat for a very well made piece. Would love to add those to my bike.


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