Cutting out below 3000 rpm ok after 3k any help please

John W. Emmett

Hi need info my busa is cutting out but not stopping ok when first started then like it going of 1 Or 2 cilinders but keeps firing on all cyls intermitant but runs well after 3000 rpm all the way to red line its imposable to ride at low revs I have checked most things cat find any faults had injectors out and fitted new seal but didn't help It has no fault code showing has anyone had this fault any help please???

SoCal Blur

Stator or voltage regulator / battery? Have you tested the charging system to make sure its producing enough voltage at the lower RPMs? It could be that below 3k, it just doesn't have enough juice to fire all cylinders consistently...especially if the battery is low. Have you checked the spark plugs and the cables?

John W. Emmett

New battery plugs seem ok but will get a set as soon as shops open on Tuesday charging rate as it should be I suspect it to be an injector but no way of testing them will try when I get plugs just wondered if it was a common fault

John W. Emmett

Yes but it is showing no codes its like its switching 1 or 2 cylinders of and on it keeps running but very irratic and not ridable but perfect above 3k


Good to hear you got it sorted. :thumbsup:
Was it bad gap or bad plugs all together?

I was gonna suggest, the other day, that you pull the plugs one-by-one to try to narrow down the fault, but figured you'd already done it.


I'm always glad to see people return and update their posts when they discover what was wrong. Thank you

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