cutting fairings??

Can anyone tell me how they or what they used to cut the fairings so straight? Like around the clutch cover, or for frames sliders, etc. I see it all the time and it looks like it came that way stock


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Do your rough cuts inside the lines and use a file or dremal wiht a sanding drum to slowly work into the line. finish with some sandpaper


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for frame sliders drill a hole and use a screwdriver to locate the panel...them open it up to fit the slider...for cleaning up the edge like the other guys said...file or scrape the edge with a razor blade to prevent the paint from chipping off...also you can use a clear nail polish to somewhat seal the raw edge. A roto zip tool is great for cutting plastic but be careful how you use it...if it runs or walks it will be a bigger hole than you desire. Tape or a grease pen also help mark the cut out area...


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For my frame slider holes, I used a nice sharp hole saw along with plenty of masking tape plus a extra fine file to knock the edges down a little. I still need to make the holes slightly bigger though. No hurry.....
I made grommets for mine and it came out fine. I took 1/4" black fuel line, cut it to length, then slit down the middle length wise and slipped it over the cut plastic. Worked great.

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