Custom performance Hayabusa


Hi, guys! Can you give me some information about US custom shops?
The thing is that i'm looking for a company which can build something like "Hayabusa x1".

What exactly i'm looking for - it's Power! Not the funny fairings, paint work, mass chrome or cheap nitrous tuning. I need a good, well built, long lasting high performance engine.

Anyone got any ideas where should i look for such company?
Japanese Yoshimura headquarters told me that they don't build bikes for private persons, only for racing teams (doh...) :)
If your looking for an All motor busa check out companies like Carpenters Racing. If your looking for a turbo busa go with Power House as mentioned above :whistle:
Give us some engine specifics that you want to achieve. Is is max-HP? What type of riding or racing will you be doing, drag racing, LSR, street, all of the above? There are other considerations too, such as the transmission. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may need some tranny work too.

I can build you anything you want from subtle to over the top. I can provide bike, build motor, tune, do cosmetics and all. You provide the desires and funding and I'll give you the dream bike. You take the amount of time you need to build it. I'll provide a dedicated lift and project can go at your pace. Contact me