custom paint

sorry to hear you're having problems D...mebbe i'll send sum more pics ta cheer you up

keep slingn that gun, bro-if somebody flaked, i'll bet u can off those plastics real quick anywayz- throw up pics n price....that oughta motivate SOMEBODY to pay for'em.


revolution custom paint
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tryin to let the cat step up in private to get his plastics before lettin out a direct ping.

here's the scoop though. cat went down and needed paint. gave him a great price cause i like hookin up board members, especially fallen ones. he sends me plastics.

trust me i dont open my airbrush case without a deposit. so the unpainted plastics have been sitting here for about a month.

i dont want to have something happen to them and then I'M responsible and have to pay out of pocket for them, if they crack from something falling on them, or if they get stolen.
again, i'm just tryin to help a brotha out. tryin to send these unpainted plastics back.

i.m'd back and forth a few times. once i tried sellin them FOR him but that fell through. another time he said he had someone by him to paint them for 500. so i asked him to send the u.p.s. number from his company to send them back but nothing. i know he's logging on to the board from his profile so he must be reading my i.m's



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Check the "notify when read" option so you'll know he's getting 'em if he doesn't see this thread...

Good luck and I hope things level out soon...

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