Custom Hayabusa Gen2 Fairings


I want to start off by saying I know a lot of people are instantly against anything of Ebay. If you have had personal experience with this company then feel free to share, other than that negative comments are not needed. I laid my 2008 Hayabusa down and started searching for a new set of plastics and quickly realized I would not pay full price for new OEM ones, so my options quickly became easy. Injection molded or Compression molded aftermarket fairings were the 2 most common choices, Injection molded being much better quality and fitment. Soon after starting my search it also became apparent that Gen1 Busa's have a ton of paint schemes and options were as Gen 2's have very few. After doing some research and review searches I found the best company that I could put my finger on in Ebay, ones that had plenty of experience and the most (not many) Gen2 options. I contacted them thinking that they would not be able to accommodate but I liked a couple of their Gen1 paint schemes and was curious if they would paint those schemes on Gen2 Plastics........Long story short THEY DID!!!!

I have attached pictures the company sent me 2 days ago of the final product and they are in transit to me now. I will post pictures of them installed on the bike as soon as I can. I also asked if I could pass on to the Forums this experience, their response was that they would be willing, able and happy to do ANY of their Paint Schemes on the Gen2 fairings and just to message them with your requests. Bliss-star-express is their name on Ebay and I am in no way affiliated with them, just very pleased with the communication and accommodations that they made for me.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.32.47 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.34.36 AM.jpg
The gas tank is a cover for my current OEM one and they include a new Passenger Seat Hump to replace the OEM one. Also comes with some heat shields for down by the exhaust!!
Curious to see how that fuel tank cover is going to fit over the factory fuel tank. That's definitely custom though
I've never seen that paint scheme offered by China. I bought China aftermarket injection moulded for my Gen 1 and they fit really well.