Custer State Park


Anyone ever ride here? This place is awesome lots of turns and amazing views. Plus running into a buffalo herd while riding isnt all that bad. Heading back tomorrow on a different route and will get some videos up after I get back.
i ride it about once a year or so. great ride.
my favorite is Iron Mountain Road!!!!

the black hills are an awesome place to ride.
i haven't yet but am planning on it as soon as i get a chance :beerchug:
Been there... yep, I have a picture of a Buffalo dwarfing a mini van, those things are big...
It was a hot day but the riding was good. Didn't know they were gonna put down tar and rock on some of the roads. It was some cautious and slow riding till I got back to asphalt. Here are some pics. Still waiting to get videos up. I am hungry and its hot wing night at my house.




Yep, a blast 2 years ago we stayed in deadwood for 1 week, just rode everyday, had a buffalo damn near run me and 3 others over in a stampede. It's on YouTube somewhere,