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So after researching I've decided I need to replace my Cush drive. Thinking through it in my head.....once the axle bolt is out is the tire fairly easy to get out of the way of the chain? If not what is best method? I've decided to stick with stock cushes since I am not a hardcore rider and there is a debate as to the pros and cons of stiffened ones. Thanks guys
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Contact Smitty and get the upgraded cush rubbers. They will last longer and they have less free play. In the long run they will cost you less because you won't need to replace them as often.

Loosen the axle anf turn the stop screws forward until you can remove the chain and carefuly drake it over the swingarm. I wrap mine with a soft cloth so it won't tear anything up.

The cush drive can be pulled out after you remove the axle and lower the wheel. Becareful with the brake caliper. It slides out of a guide slot, and it has to come out before you lower the wheel.
Once the bolt is out, slide the whole wheel as far forward as you can and tilt it to the right (away from the chain) and the chain should come right off.
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Mine went right back together without a problem. I think I paid less than $50 to the door from SmithBusa for the heavy duty cush drive rubbers. They snap out and in. If you look at the new ones you'll understand.

Real easy maintenance task. I would couple it with my next tire change or rear brake pad replacement. :thumbsup:

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