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So I got an email telling me that I have been sent a cup of joe. It came from Green Bean Coffee. Its a coffee shop set up all over Iraq and Afhganistan. So I did a little reseach on it and found out that you can send a soldier a cup of coffee from the states for them to redeam it at a local Green Beans coffee. I guess my wife has been doing this every now and then and never told me lol. It was nice to recieve this from some one in Colorado. If you all are interested in sending a random service member a cup of coffee its only 2 dollars and the link is posted below!

Green Beans Coffee

Mr Bogus

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nice gesture... I guess I will never really comprehend how much our guys give up by spending all that time in a war zone... hats off and thank you for your service, is what makes this a great country..


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i was over there and did nothing but drink water(read no caffiene) for 6 months(gogo crystal light) and then i decided to go get a cup of coffee from there.

i thought my heart and ass was going to explode.


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