I was wondering: At what RPM is a good cruising level. 5000? 6000? 11000? Ha, kiddin bout the 11k. What does everyone cruise at? I'm new to this...Ignore my last stupid posts, that was my friend
6th gear 75 mph at about 4000rpm. Thats back and forth to work for 55 miles one way.
In the city, I always keep it above 3500. No sense in having to bog the engine when I really need to move, and around here, I always have to move to stay alive in this traffic.

On the highway, I just stick to 6th. Got plenty of juice to hit 150 and back without shifting a gear.
85mph in $th or5th gear with my 18/41 gearing. traffic 2nd will go up to 100mph and 3rd all day country riding
Cruising speed 5000-5500. 100mph in a seventy limit is an automatic 1 month ban here so I keep below when just cruising.