Cruise Control'n the Busa


I lost the other thread so I'll start a new one.

I finally got the correct NEP throttle lock that fit's the Busa. It's the one for the Suzuki (single throttle cable). I know the Busa has dual cables. This one fit's like a champ. The "keeper" slips over the front most cable and a couple of turns to the adjuster and U R off.

I can not say enough about this little "mod" to the bike. It will add 10's of miles to any highway ride.

The only drawback comes from the miniscule amounts of "twist" required on the Busa to change speed from, say, 75 to 105. It's about a fifth of an inch. This requires a little monitoring when you first use the thing.

It looks like this:

I'm using the throttle advance thanks to Cheesman's advice. Best $0 mod I've done yet. :D

I adjusted it to the maximum and then added tape to the roller to add more advance. I can set it up to 85 in 6th now, which is perfect for cruising. I do 70 on the highways, which gives me 60+ mpg. Best of all, I can adjust the throttle with my left thumb.

I agree with Narcissus, the throttle advance mod works great with no down side. They will cruise at about 60-65 without messing with the roller.
...after the warranty runs out... do not need to take it in for reg maint and void the warranty because I f'd w/ the choke.