"crazy dangerous!!" repost??


What a moron. He thinks hes a hardass on a bike? Hope he falls and get what he deserves. These are the idiots that put our families in danger.


Haha damn that guy is either a really good rider or really lucky and i'm betting on the luck part. I bet it feels good to just go as fast as you want and when you want and know that if you see a cop that your not stopping anyway. I like the part about the excessive 90mph down the highway...haha give me a break if you don't cruise at 90mph on the freeway or interstate around here then you will get you ass run over from behind. I do have to say he does sound like hes using poor judgement and disregarding peoples safety in certain instances...IF the article tell the truth


Yep, Idiot. Dont think he deserves to be injured in a wreck though. Let law enforcement get him and he will get what he deserves through the legal system that has established on our behalf. Damn, cant they get a bird in the air and follow him?


Poor judement is a serious understatement. The next story posted will be his obituary.
well im not saying what he is doing all the time is called for but i know when i have passed cop cruising 100+ or doing a quick run in boost that i sure as hell speed up and run too. I got clocked 147mph on the interstate at night one time and a state trooper let me go with a warning and an ear full, after that i wasn't gonna test my luck


That guy is a comlplete idiot. Here in arizona you have to go above the speed limit on the freeway. If you don't someone will run right up the back of you. There has even been a couple cops on patrol bikes been rear ended whlile moving.

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