couldn't wait till spring


I got me busa last night. I was suppose to wait till spring but she was calling me like a drug.It was 40 degrees without the wind, and you better believe I rode it home. (20 miles on interstate) I could only stand the cold up to about 110. Man I almost froze my azz off. But it was beyond intense. :laugh:
Congrats , ride well and be safe.

Off the rails..

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Congrats! Now, get rid of them dang reflectors so we can see the bike!      [/QUOTE]

Go easy on the bootcamp Train we all been there before.

Good thing you got it this fall now you will  have all winter to get it right so dont half step on the modz .  I guess you know by now removing the cross guard reflectors would be a good place to start and congrats on you knew family member:13:  :beerchug:

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Congrats Crackhead! I couldn't wait for mine either.

Twisted, that color looks FAST!
Niiiiiice ride..... time for the mods!!!!!!! Twisted, stop pimping your bike on other folks threads!!!!! j/k, your bike is nice too!

not a bad lookin bike :-) but does it look as good as this one?

it looks better with the marchesinis, but they are being fixed and painted....
YES, Yes it does...

Crackheads is fresh, unmolested, virgin territory....

I'd say much better, look at it, waiting....untouched... oh yeah.... :laugh:

Besides we have allready seen the evidence that your Beast has been rode hard and put away wet...