Costume paint 2001 busa need some idea



My 2001 Black and Gray Baby fall over on to it right side and there is some minor marks and scratches on my fairing
I’m getting a new one and this one I like to have custom painted perhaps work the Hayabusa Hawk in to the lover part of the fairing
I like to get some idea or pictures with some neat custom paint jobs Also some recommended  shop or individual who does such work Would be great if that was in Canada but I have no problem shipping anywhere with in the state also
I sthat Custom or Costume? hey no clowns here! hahaha I cant spell either... cheers mate!

This is why I keep the old Franklin Spelling Ace right next to the computer at all times.
I was never very creative when it comes to names. It's my screen name that I have had for over eight years now. That and it kind of rimes. As for the lower case spelling thats my fault. I wasn't paying attention when I registered and now I can't figure out how to change it.