corvette zo6 vrs friends shelby cobra

to make a long story short we had some fun today on our own little drag strip. My husband in the yellow 09 zo6 all stock and i mean show room stock against his buddies 07 modded stang, the stang is 640 hp. and the zo6 is 505 hp. We did six races and had the same results every time, the zo6 was at least 5 car lenghts ahead on every race. We did a rolling start due to the fact the cobra wouldnt hook up so this was much more fair. We have a shelby also so im not trying to bash the stang cause we love them!! anyway here is the closest race, the vette had the cobra by about 5 lenghts and the end of the quater
- corvette zo6 vrs mustang shelby[/url]


Good video, its a shame the guy in the Mustang cant drive.. Pu then again pound for pound the cars a prety equaly matched..


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Love the whine of the supercharger, but I am not sure what the driver was doing with the shifting.

Quick way to get spanked is to run into the rev limiter....not that I would have experience with mine...:laugh:


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Get some tires that hook on the mustang and leave from a dig the mustang will get the vette.
Boost cars always dyno on the high side, proof positive right there. I'm sure the 'stang is a bit on the porky side too.


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Nice vid:thumbsup: Its not just power, 640vs 505hp, rather power to wieght ratio, come on now, just like our Sub 200hp bikes SPANK 5,6,700hp cars
My Z06 weighed in at 3100lbs at the dragstrip with a quarter tank of gas. It isn't stock (550hp) but it out runs the heavier GT500s and 03/04 Cobras making similar hp with ease. 3100lbs>3800lbs
gt500 should get its ass handed by the z06 way lighter and can hook up look at the numbers for 540hp mustang its slower then the ss camaro with 426hp :whistle:

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