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I felt this reply deserves its own thread . below is copy / paste from my e mail .


Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. To be honest, we are so overwhelmed with all the requirements of keeping up with social media and emails, that If I were to join the forum now, I would probably forget to respond or just not be able to keep up.

So I will reply to you if you don't mind. Feel free to share on your forum. First a little history. I am the owner of Core Moto USA and since October 2015 the owner of the brand Carrozzeria Forged wheels.

For 12 years we were also a dealer for Carrozzeria USA INC and I had them on my personal bike. A the time I got my first personal set I would have chosen an Italian brand for the "prestige" of Italian if not for the fact that I could get Carrozzeria at cost. However, after owning them I fell in love with the brand and noticed in many respects the quality was better than that of Italian brands. Through the 12 years we sold the product, we never had a reported issue from a customer. However I was quite aware of talk about consistency issues via word of mouth and the internet forums I used to be a member of.

In 2015 I was personally approached to possibly help with branding of the Carrozzeria product as they thought that poor marketing was hurting sales. I soon realized that branding could be improved, but this was not the real issue. The company was heading for bankruptcy without a new direction and a serious overhaul. I loved the wheels and didn't want to see that happen, also the design and engineering aspect was right up my alley... so I made an offer. 2 trips to California later, Carrozzeria USA INC was dissolved and we were moving operations to Core Moto USA in FL.

Unfortunately, with all the research we did into the operations we were a bit mislead about the lack of design and supply chain standardization until we started taking customer service emails and calls from customers. As it turned out they all had different parts for the same models....We had no way to help them without technical drawings to back them up or at least customer supplied measurements. Carrozzeria USA INC lead us to believe that there was a standardization... when in fact we were only given the 2015 data. In addition to that the supply line was very unreliable. So our first agenda was to standardize every component and reduce a dozen base wheel models into 4 P/N while increasing our component library 10X that of Carrozzeria USA INC. This allowed Core Moto to store historical data, provide customers with parts diagrams and be able to assist them with parts if ever needed indefinitely. Previously Carrozzeria USA INC wheels were sold and made on almost a bespoke basis with components being custom machined after the order. Not many wheel sets were the same... they may have looked the same, but the way all the components added up to achieve the same result dimensionally per model was constantly changing. This cant be scaled and makes customer service and experience a nightmare.

We immediately meet with reputable bearing manufacturers to be set up with certified distributors rather than use bearings not sourced from certified OE vendors as was done in the past. Next we moved any component manufacturing that happened outside the United States back to the USA so we could control quality and make improvements to design and materials across the board. The improvements were made on every single component. In early 2016 the original cush drive bushing supplier sent us 12,000 bad units..Rather than use them, they were thrown away. We redesigned them and contracted an American company to produce them for us with a new compound. Pre release compound track testing was done on Moto America Superbikes and started being used in all our wheels in September that year. Forging was still done overseas and the quality was very good, but we started negotiations with the best quality wheel forging company in the world in early 2016.. who happens to be right in California. Over the next 2 years we did struggle with anodizers who couldn't keep up with demand, and when pushed produced a lot of blemishes resulting in losses and delays. In Late 2017 we found the right anodizer, but their minimum quantity requirements outpaced our production ability so we couldn't use them yet.

At that same time, we had designed the Apex-6 wheel and wanted to take it to market, but wanted it to be made here. So in 2018 we decided to move 100% base wheel production to the USA making Core Moto the only Superbike style wheel produced in the USA completely. This move was a huge undertaking and first production of 437 sets is still underway...We have had a few bums in the road and delays, but we want the product to go to market without cutting any delays are going to happen. As of today Jan-2-19 we do not use a single supplier for any materials or components that was used by Carrozzeria USA inc except for Green anodizing because nobody else can do it right. We are confident that the Core Moto Apex-6 and the next gen V-Tracks will be the best quality Forged aluminum wheels ever made. We expect to release the Apex-6 in roughly 60 days then start on next gen V-tracks soon after.

The Carrozzeria name will likely be phased out and only used as a legacy indicator on the next gen V-Track model.

Besides, it is much easier to pronounce Core Moto. ; )

The biggest thing of all... We are working hard and investing into process management to make wheels available with 3-5 day lead times in Gold-Black-Red-Blue for any model. We will retain the other colors and are introducing a few new ones, but these will be on a custom order basis.

Some highlights of changes we have made.

Deeper V for tire relief

New bushings

Standardized, consistent production.

ALWAYS Certified OE Bearings

Better anodizing quality

Much better component quality overall (too many to list).

Lighter wheels Compared to Carrozzeria USA INC, by -4 lbs per set average

Design focused on Mass centralization.

Better organization, support and component availability

All components have tighter tolerances. better machining and design.

New 5 stud carrier.

Stainless steel and Coming soon, titanium hardware

Fully captive front spacers for most models

Some models now come with Core Moto made Speed sensor rings installed

No need for custom rotors

Likely more things I am forgetting than remembering.

Competitively priced MSRP $2299 / with a great dealer program.

If any further questions feel free to email

Thank you,

Luke McCracken

President / Product Development

Core Moto USA

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Okay, that all sounds great. Ask them for a parts diagram for the rear wheel and sprocket carrier. That is what I would like to see as far as changes go . . . thanks for doing the leg work!
Frank that is provided with every set of wheels purchased according to video linked in other thread. Towards the end he goes through the pages explaining them.
Here is a link to their complete replacement parts page .


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Seeing individual replacement parts is not answering the most important question. I went on their website, there is no parts breakdown/diagram for the rear wheel. That is what I want to see, If their sprocket carrier has TWO bearings in it side by side, and the wheel separately has three bearings in it (for a total of five) then those wheels are the same garbage design they were ten years ago, and I will not risk anybody's life on these rims. I hope they fixed that issue, I tried calling them, they are closed.

Mr Brown

I know this is an issue I have and not everyone shares it, but it p!sses me off when I read typos in emails like that. If you can't be bothered to proofread what you write to a customer, you probably don't QC your product real well either. Details matter....


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So V track wheels are totally out of stock right now, and will not be remanufactured until the new Apex wheel is in stock, probably 4-6 weeks. POWERHOUSE will be in the loop on that one, since we have been a dealer with Core Moto for some time . . .

Kiwi Rider

I know this is an issue I have and not everyone shares it, but it p!sses me off when I read typos in emails like that. If you can't be bothered to proofread what you write to a customer, you probably don't QC your product real well either. Details matter....
I must have missed the typo, can you please elaborate on that?
I thought it was amazing he actually took the time and thought it was important enough to explain everything as well as he did.
It looks like a beautifully designed and manufactured product to me.
I for one am seriously considering spending the money and please remember, the exchange rate, freight costs and customs/Govt taxes will bring the price to just over $3K for me.

Mr Brown

There are a few. 3rd paragraph, 2nd line "A" should be "At", and "would have bought" should say "would not have bought". There are others, but you get the idea.
So that I'm clear, I don't have a dog in the fight, I'm just pointing out a pet peeve.


I used to get emails from high ranking people with spelling or grammar errors in them and wondered how they got past spell check.
I then realised these people were balancing 10 things at once so sending an email was low on their priority.
It was a pet peeve of mine as well. I used to get cranky if one of my subordinates sent me an email that was written sub-par.

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