corbin or suzuki gel?

There is a gel seat on the suzuki website in accessories for the busa. My question is which is better? The suzuki gel or the corbin?
i tried corbin didnt really like. went on to a drag seat from tobin and its very comfy good price too has a nice build up really holds you in place. think about one of those you wont be sorry.


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I have the Corbin, it's OK, but I do not like the width on the front of the seat. I would like to try a gel. I hope someone posts here who has tried both. Maybe i'll just order a gel for my Turbo bike...? Also, I get picked on a ton for having a Corbin on my sportbike... right VegasDude?

I sat on one. It was nice. Don't get the Corbin. I am going to sell mine. Get the Corbin rear if you want the backrest. My wife and every girl who has sat on it, loves it.
Ive had the Suzuki carbon fiber gel seat since I first got my busa back in April of 99, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tell me more about this "carbon fiber" gel seat?

I didn't see this on there website... what's it look like... i I saw the one with just plain leather on it but was not aware you could get it in carbon look...
I haven't tried the Gel seat, but I like the Corbin. Its more comfortable than the stock and i like the build up in the fronst. It keeps you from constantly sliding into the tank. Definitely 100% better than stock IMHO. But I'ld be willing to try a Gel if someone wants to lend me one


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One of my buddies has the Gel seat and I have ridden on it many times. Never been on a Corbin, but then again, once you ride on the gel; you wouldn't give a flying flip about a Corbin?
Trust me, the Gel is awesome.


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